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Kessil A350 Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
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  • Kessil A350 Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
  • Kessil A350 Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
  • Kessil A350 Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
  • Kessil A350 Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue

Kessil Tuna Blue Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light

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This product has been discontinued

Item #: YH1131P

Quick Overview

Kessil takes another leap forward in the Spectral Revolution with the A350 Tuna Blue LED aquarium light. Using the latest Dense Matrix LED technology, Kessil is drastically transforming the way LED lighting is used in the aquariu...
Product Description

Kessil Tuna Blue Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light Information

Part #: A350

The A350 uses DiCon Lighting’s X350 Dense Matrix LED™ platform, has an advanced vapor cooling thermal management system and a 90W maximum power rating. This uniquely designed spectrum is a combination of two slightly refined Kessil spectrums: Sky Blue and Deep Ocean Blue. These two spectrums can easily be adjusted by manually tuning two knobs. When both channels are at their maximum level, the spectral characteristic is close to Kessil’s signature Ocean Blue spectrum, but a touch brighter.

The A350 comes with a 31-degree (62-degrees edge to edge) reflector and delivers a stream of intense focused light that can penetrate to the very bottom of a deep tank. This model is recommended for users with tanks deeper than 24” or for reefers who have corals with high intensity lighting requirements.

The advanced thermal design of Kessil LED lights prevents them from heating up your tank and also ensures they’ll shine brightly for years to come. Kessil light is densely packed and features a high-power LED array that creates the beautiful shimmery effect of metal halide lighting without the excessive heat and power consumption. Highlight the kaleidoscope of colors in your coral reef with Kessil LED reef lighting.

  • Superior Optics: Expertly designed optics effectively directs spectrum-specific light for deeper penetration into aquariums.
  • Dense Matrix LED: Generations ahead. Unparalleled high-power, 86.5W dense LED array emits intensely bright light.
  • Vapor Cooling: Advanced vapor cooling thermal management system keeps LED's running efficiently.
  • Illuminator Power Consumption 86.5 Watt Maximum
  • Listed Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz Output 24 VDC, Maxiumum 1.87A
  • The A350 is NOT compatible with the A150 Gooseneck
  • To hang the LED for aquarium use from a wood, acoustic or similarly textured ceiling, mount a metal hook and hang the light by its ring. The metal hook should have diameters of at least 2.5mm and thread numbers of at least 6.
  • For sufficient airflow, the intake and venting holes should be at least 12 inches from surrounding obstructions.
  • Kessil recommends A350 lights to be placed 1 to 2 feet above the aquarium being illuminated.
  • Plug the light’s power supply into an outlet with the proper specifications.
  • Do not use the A350 lights outdoors. They are intended for indoor use only.
  • Keep the air vents and fan clear of dust. To clean the fan, insert the tip of a CO2 (or similar) dust blower into one of the vent slots and spray.
  • Keep the diffuser (lens) clean. If the diffuser becomes contaminated with water, dust or other particles, clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Wet a cotton swab or a napkin in isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the surface of the diffuser and let it dry.
Kessil warrants, to the original buyer, all of its products to be free from defects in both workmanship and material for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Kessil will replace or repair to proper working condition any products that are returned under warranty. Products repaired or replaced under warranty are only warranted for the remaining unexpired period of time of the original warranty.


Kessil A350 Spec Chart
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Kessil Tuna Blue Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light Reviews

Average Ratings:

Many Pros, Many Cons Product Review by JOE WESTWOOD (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I researched long and hard before purchasing 3 of the 350W's for my 155 gallon 6' reef. Compared to the price of Radions and other high end LED's,
these seemed like a better deal. In hindsight, I would have chosen different lights for my set-up but this is not to say they are bad.

1) The best feature is the shimmer effect. No other LED comes close to the Kessil shimmer, even better then HQI's. One caveat that I learned is
that if you use a glass or acrylic lid, the drops of water gather on the bottom and greatly reduces the effect. I cut holes in my acrylic lid (6" x 8")
under the kessils and the shimmer is back.

2) Great coverage. No other LED provides this uniformity in light due to the ultra-wide lense. No dark shadows, except under corals/rocks.

3) Great color. The blues and whites produce a great color that I would say is close to 15K. It would be nice to have the extra power to add a boost of blue.

1) The biggest drawback is the intensity. Yes they are bright, but I learned that 3 350w's would NOT be enough light to support most SPS corals. LPS & softies are fine, but I would need at least one more 350w to achieve this. Frankly, I would rather have bought 3 Radions for the $1600. They are NOT equal to a 400 watt halide. To me, they are just under a 250 watt. I have no choice but to run them at 100% power which may
shorten their live span. I contacted Kessil prior to ordering and they claimed that 3 350's over 6' of water would be sufficient. They were correct in terms of the visual coverage but as stated, the intensity is quite lacking. I am supplementing with 2 Par38 bulbs.

2) No mounting hardware included. I mounted mine to the ceiling (I have a fish room) and it wasn't a big deal but Kessil could have included a mounting kit costing them only pennies. The outdoor hanging plant chains from Wal-mart work well.

3) No mounting possibilities on power supplies: I wanted to mount these on the wall but no holes, hooks, are i

Great RSM 130 / 130d Upgrade Product Review by FRIEDRICK SIEGMANN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I cut away RSM 130d front and side trim and went rimless. After tons of research and input it was clear the A350w was the led for the RSM. Kept inTank media rack. Tossed Tunze 9002. Moved Tunze 3155 to media rack and threw in Aquamaxx Hob-1. Clamped the Kessil to the back plate over the power center with the A350 gooseneck. Looks alsome!
The A350w spread is perfect. No hood retro fit can match the Kessil pedant spread and natural shimmer. No more hood up and down for maintaince. No more hood fan noise and vibrations. The Kessil led is dead silent, no water heat, no more six month bulb life, saves money over the RSM hood energy, looks like a whole different reef and all invertabres / corals love it. I ran it for 6 weeks on an 11 month reef and less nuciance algae. Jerry the CSR @ Kessil is super too.
Kessil is at the forefront of reef led technology!

misleading Product Review by RICH SYKES (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: as i read all the reviews and doing my research for the best LED lighting...these were the one everyone was raving about. Yes they are great and my corals love them,.....but on a large tank you will need at least 3-4 of them to get the same lighting as three metal halides. everyone else said two would me more than enough for my 125 gallon tank.."no Way" both ends of my tank are very dark. if i could send these back and get the 350w that might make a difference. but everyone...including customer service said that the 350's would be way more than i would need. boy were they worng interms of lighting everything up. I love the ease of setting them up and not having a Hooded lighting system on my office. Also the heat is gone, and my chiller does not come on quite as much which is a plus. I will have to order another 350 which is another $ 399 not very happy.

Simple and Works Product Review by JEFF HARRELL (Posted on 11/21/13)

Comments: This is the light I wanted 8 years ago but was not available. Reasons to buy:
NO heat or so much less heat its hard to describe
adjustable color mix from blue to clear
SMALL size not in the way
Long lasting (supposed to be)
no more buying expensive compact fl and MH bulbs
gives better water shimmer than my 400W MH
NO huge hot ballast
Less electrical worries
smaller electric bill

I bought 2 350W for my 72" tank. I am not a serious reefer and these are perfect. Expensive, yes but saves money in long run on bulb replacements and I can work around them better

Best Light Ever Product Review by scrappyd10 (Posted on 7/28/13)

Comments: After using T-5's for over 4 years I switched to LED's. This light has given me more growth in one week than my T-5's. My SPS took forever to grow and within three days they began to encrust and develop deeper darker colors. The lights run very cool and are dead silent. I use this light on my 60 gallon mixed reef cube. Although they are expensive for one small fixture they are entirely worth it. Whenever I choose to upgrade I will definitely make these my lights of choice.