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Korallin Amino-Life 500 mL
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  • Korallin Amino-Life 500 mL
  • Korallin Amino-Life 500 mL

Korallin Amino-Life 500 mL

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Item #: KL5131

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Taking care of coral reefs is very rewarding. There's nothing like looking at an aquarium filled with beautifully and vibrantly colored corals swaying and undulating with the flow of the water. Of course, getting corals reefs t...
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Part #: KL5131

Taking care of coral reefs is very rewarding. There's nothing like looking at an aquarium filled with beautifully and vibrantly colored corals swaying and undulating with the flow of the water.

Of course, getting corals reefs to look their best can be a tedious and demanding task. Luckily, big help comes in a bottle such as the Koralin Amino-Life from Pet Store, which is a supplement formulated to give corals their much-needed nourishment.

This supplement improves the health of corals, which, in turn, improves their coloring. After all, bright pigmentation means prime health when it comes to corals.

This supplement provides the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other bio-elements corals need to develop their exoskeletons, whether they are hard or soft. It also encourages corals' polyps to open wide. This action makes the corals increase their activities, which in turn leads to fast growth and vibrant coloring. Aside from corals, marine fish can also benefit from this product. With regular use, you'll notice that both your corals and marine fish will gain more vivid pigmentation than ever before.

The Koralin Amino-Life does not pollute or discolor the water. It does not increase the levels of silicates, nitrates or phosphates. It is perfectly safe to mix directly with tank water.

Amino-LifeTM is a concentrated energy-rich nourishment for marine reef & fish. It contains highly consumable amino acids, vitamins, natural minerals plus other essential bio-elements necessary for the growth of soft and hard corals, anemones, gorgonians, sponges, feather dusters, clams, jellyfish and other fine filter feeders. It revitalizes live rocks and is also ideal for marine fish when mixed with their food.

Polyps of corals (esp. non-zooxanthellae species) and other invertebrates open up wide while they consume & utilize Amino-LifeTM completely, resulting in increased activities, marvelous growth, & vibrant coloration. This product does not pollute or raise phosphate, nitrate or silicate levels in your aquarium. Target-feeding is not required.

Amino-LifeTM prevents nutritional deficiencies due to over-skimming & activated carbon filtration. It helps to recreate a thriving oligotrophic reef environment.

Shake well before use. Use 8 mL (1 capful)/120 US gallons maximum every 2 days. Refrigerate after opening. Imported from Germany (500 mL & 5L).

What`s so unique about Amino-LifeTM?
Life of corals in the oligotrophic reef environment is closely related to their symbiosis with Zooxanthellae Algae. These Algae produce organic combinations and oxygen through photosynthesis with carbon dioxide in the water. The high-energy byproducts include organic acids, phosphates, glucose, glycerin and amino acids. Some of these combinations are convicted from the alga cells into the cells of the host animals. This phenomenon is an important explanation of how so many species can coexist in an oligotrophic environment. Corals catch plankton, consume phosphate, vitamins and amino acids for food source. Approximately 50% of the energy of corals are used up by this course of events. It can be up to 98% for some hard corals. If you spare your corals this extra effort in the uptaking process, they will benefit directly from this reserved energy by having stronger defense mechanisms against pathogens, which in turn leads to better growth and more vibrant coloration. Sometimes, being loyal to Nature may not necessarily be a good thing for a very unnatural habitat called the aquarium (remember, our aquarium is nothing like the ocean in terms of biomass to water ratio and water chemistry, it is always beneficial to give the corals a helping hand before pathogens take control). Dosing Amino-LifeTM to corals is like injecting nutrients to humans intravenously. In either case, minimal effort of the host is required to absorb the nutrients. Corals open wide while they consume Amino-LifeTM. Other liquid foods only pollute the water and contain little or none of the essential elements required. Amino-LifeTM consists of highly selective and consumable liquid amino acid nourishment to ensure a 100% consumption rate.

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CORALS LOVE IT!!!! Product Review by GREGORY BESTER.ALEXANDER (Posted on 1/17/12)

Comments: I have been using Korallin for a couple of weeks, and the best I say is the Corals LOVE IT!!!!

Korallin Product Review by FRANKLIN GERMAN (Posted on 1/21/08)

Comments: Just been using this product for a week or so, but my corals seem to like it...they open up all the way, and daily dosing isn't necessary. Great product.

another great product Product Review by All Clear (Posted on 8/30/07)

Comments: after adding amino life, is when my encrusting growth rates took off... another great product from korallin

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