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Kordon Amquel Plus +®  Additive - 16oz
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Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive - 16oz

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Keep your aquarium clean and fresh from all kinds of impurities by pouring a constant amount of the Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive from Pet Store . This product comes in a sixteen-ounce pack that you can use sparingly, depending ...
Product Description

Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive - 16oz Information

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Keep your aquarium clean and fresh from all kinds of impurities by pouring a constant amount of the Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive from Pet Store. This product comes in a sixteen-ounce pack that you can use sparingly, depending on the size of your aquatic home. It aids your filtration devices to eliminate the presence of bacteria within your water.

The Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive is meant to be used as a supplement to your filtration devices. It aids your refugium to de-nitrify the water from the presence of ammonia, nitrate, and phosphates. It is so powerful that it can keep your tank clear upon contact with the water. You only need to pour an amount, depending on the quantity of the liquid. You can refer to the packaging of the product to determine the appropriate dosage that is right for you.

The product is quite safe for your aquatic inhabitants. It will not expose your fish to dangerous chemicals, which could easily stress out your pets. Regular use of this formula does not cause your filtration devices to overrun, and the presence of this substance will not hinder the operation of your other devices.

With the Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive, you can be confident that your aquarium is free from all types of impurities, which could be causing your fish stress and unnecessary sicknesses. This product will not only keep your tank clean, but it will also maintain the happiness of your aquatic inhabitants.

  • AmQuel Plus is nontoxic
  • AmQuel Plus removes nitrite.
  • AmQuel Plus removes all forms of ammonia.
  • AmQuel Plus removes nitrite.
  • AmQuel Plus removes nitrate.
  • AmQuel Plus does not affect the pH.
  • AmQuel Plus does not interfere with the beneficial nitrifying bacteria or their food sources.
  • 1oz bottle - treats 60 gallons
Use AmQuel+ for water changes, overcrowded aquariums and ponds, the control of toxic nitrogen compounds commonly found in water while the nitrogen cycle is established., as well as afterwards as nitrogen compounds accumulate in the aquarium and pond water.

To avoid confusion it should be recognized that there are two products with the Amquel name - the original AmQuel and the recently improved product AmQuel+. AmQuel+ does all that AmQuel does and a significant number of additional tasks as well.

AmQuel+ is the latest development in state-of-the-art water conditioning technology and is the next step beyond what the original AmQuel product does.
  1. Its purpose in treating tap water when water is added or water changes are made is to detoxify chlorine and chloramines and its components (chlorine and ammonia) and to make the water safe for aquatic life free of these lethal toxins.
  2. A primary purpose in aquariums and ponds is to protect aquarium and pond fishes and invertebrates by quickly eliminating (actually detoxifying) the harmful components of the biological nitrogen cycle - ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates without slowing the nitrogen cycle or interfering with the beneficial bacteria involved, or depriving these bacteria of their food.
  3. Also, in overcrowded aquariums and ponds where waste products from the fishes, etc., quickly collect, it can rapidly detoxify toxic organics.
  4. Another purpose is to detoxify organic compounds that accumulate in the aquarium and pond water over time, including noxious pheromones released by fish and aquatic invertebrates to signal and repel each other. This is specially important for reducing the frequency of needed water changes. Many larger freshwater and saltwater aquarium fishes release pheromones to establish territoriality and repel other fishes. This is particularly true in fresh water for cichlids and plectognath fishes (triggers, filefish, puffers, boxfish) in salt water.
Among AmQuel+ benefits are that it is easy to use and equally effective in fresh and salt water, and it does not affect the beneficial bacteria of the biological nitrogen cycle. AmQuel+ is compatible with all water conditioners and all Kordon medications and other medications on which it has been tested, and with all aquatic life - including live rock and reef tank inhabitants. Other benefits are that AmQuel+ does not affect pH (acidity and alkalinity), and does not discolor the water. AmQuel+ has a long indefinite shelf life expected to be many years.

Note: Amquel+ has an acerbic odor, but does not affect aquatic life, and the odor quickly disappears in use.

AmQuel+ is similar in its actions, but with a different formula, and will be described in greater detail when the patents pending are approved.

Patents are pending for the formula and it is not available until the patents are approved.

For control of chlorine alone in public water supplies (e.g, tap water) add one teaspoon (5 ml) per 100 gallons of fresh or salt water to remove in excess of what is in public water supplies (public water supplies have less than 3 ppm chlorine).

For all other purposes use measurements in proportion to a "Standard Dose" of AmQuel+, which is one teaspoon (5 ml) per 10 gallons of fresh or salt water, or one liquid ounce (25 ml) per 60 gallons
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Kordon Amquel Plus +® Additive - 16oz Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Kordon Amquel Plus Product Review by HERMAN GREEN (Posted on 2/2/12)

Comments: Great product. It removes nitrite, nitrates , and ammonia. The best thing about this product is it can be added directly to your aquarium. It saves on water changes. I LOVE IT!!!

Great Additive Product Review by MIKE DIBBLE (Posted on 7/31/08)

Comments: A must have for ponds and over stocked aquariums. Has saved my fish several times, because it is a great band-aid for postponing emergency water changes till after work.

discus raisers arsenal Product Review by BOB MELUSKEY SR (Posted on 7/10/07)

Comments: this is a must have supplement don't raise discus without it

Works Great! Product Review by MICHAEL A NAZARENO (Posted on 11/30/07)

Comments: Novalek/Kordon customer support told me that it has binding properties that can help remove dye stains. The water did in fact look clearer, but I'm not sure if it was from Amquel Plus or from the water change. My fish seemed fine with it. The bottle says that it removes ammonia & nitrite which is good for overstocked tanks(which I have) or tanks where ammonia and nitrite spikes occur often. If your tanks water parameters are usually stable, I'd recommend Seachem's Prime which only detoxifies ammonia & nitrite (rather than removing it). Ammonia & nitrite are necessary for the beneficial bacteria in your filter.

SCARY Product Review by AHSAN MOGHADDAS (Posted on 6/1/11)

Comments: I used this as instructed to do a weekly 10% water change on my saltwater reef... Within 5 minutes ALL of my coral SHUT down completely. My xenia's grasped themselves shut. Zoa's were open/close sporadically. Toadstool polyps where gone for 2 days. Mushrooms all shrivelled up!! I WOULD NOT SAY THIS IS REEF safe as the product describes. I had no issues in my planted tank but I thought I had lost hundreds of dollars in coral ! :( After about 4 days and daily 20% water changes the corals mostly restored themselves minus some mushrooms which never returned. Im sure it is good for some tanks but I wouldn't think of using it in salt water

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