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Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus® Water Conditioner - 16oz
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Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus® Water Conditioner - 16oz

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Item #: NV33156

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When you hear the word ""conditioner,"" the first thing you'll most probably think of is hair. After all, conditioners are for hair (or fur, for animals) ... right? well, no. Hair and fur aren't the only things that need condition...
Product Description

Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus® Water Conditioner - 16oz Information

Part #: 33156

When you hear the word ""conditioner,"" the first thing you'll most probably think of is hair. After all, conditioners are for hair (or fur, for animals) ... right? well, no. Hair and fur aren't the only things that need conditioner. Water needs conditioner, too, especially water used in aquarium. After all, you can't just use tap water for your fish tanks, so you have to use a conditioner to make it suitable for aquatic life. One of the best conditioners in the market today is the Kordon Aquarium Novaqua Plus Water Conditioner from Pet Store, which is the result of the most up-to-date technology developed by extensive research on aquarium needs.

In just one bottle of Kordon Aquarium Novaqua Plus Water Conditioner, you'll get everything you'll ever have to ask for when it comes to transforming tap water to your pet fish's ideal environment. This product removes heavy metals usually found in tap water. It also breaks down chloramines and remove chlorine. On top of that, it supplies vitamins and immunizers to fish, which makes it the perfect health aid. It coats fish's scales with protective slime to make them more resistant to germs, virus and bacteria.

Kordon Aquarium Novaqua Plus Water Conditioner is compatible with other Kordon treatments and conditioners. You can use them simultaneously to get the ideal conditions for your tanks.

  • NovAqua+ Is A Best Quality Water Conditioner For All Water Sources
  • NovAqua+ Removes Heavy Metals From Tap Water
  • NovAqua+ Dismantles Chloramines InTap Water
  • NovAqua+ Removes All Chlorine From Tap Water
  • NovAqua+ Provides Health Aids, Including Immunizers and Vitamins To Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Provides Protective Slime Coatings To Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Slime Coatings Repel Viruses and Bacteria From Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Is Compatible With All Of Kordon`s Water Conditioners and Fish Treatments
Tap water may be safe for humans, but in almost all localities it is not safe for fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Tap water needs to be modified by using NovAqua+ when setting up aquariums and ponds, when making water changes, and when preparing salt water for marine aquariums.

NovAqua+ is the new generation of NovAquas, it is the latest stage of technological development in water conditioners for aquariums and ponds. NovAqua+ is the most effective of the tap water conditioners for benefiting aquatic life. But it goes far beyond that. NovAqua+ provides, in a single product, everything necessary to handle all of the needs when treating tap water for aquatic life (except for handling nitrogen compound removal). For the removal of toxic nitrogen compounds ­ including ammonia/ammonium, nitrites, nitrates use Kordon`s AmQuel+ [hyperlink]. NovAqua+ is recommended to be used with AmQuel+, with which it is fully compatible. Also see NOTE ABOUT COMBINATION PRODUCTS below).

The NovAqua products for conditioning aquarium and pond water were first introduced decades ago and have been used world wide ever since, becoming a leader in water conditioners for fish and other aquatic life, both fresh and salt water. The NovAqua products have been continually expanded and improved in performance as advances in the technology have been made and as public water conditions have changed over time. NovAqua+ is the latest in technology and is appreciably more advanced than the original NovAqua product, being completely reformulated.

NovAqua+ provides multiple protective colloid coatings on the fish`s body to replace or reinforce the natural slime coating that is essential to counteract injury, infection, and adverse environmental exposure.

These organic polymers effectively shield wounds on fish, prevent the loss of internal fluids and electrolytes, and protect fish from external toxins and pathogens.

The skin of fishes and many aquatic invertebrates is naturally fragile. It is covered by a protective slime coating that helps keep harmful bacteria and viruses away and aids the animals in their swimming ability by reducing surface friction. Any lessening of the slime coating, such as by abrasion and wounds can allow harmful pathogens to enter the skin. Fishes and invertebrates can sense when their slime coating is lessened or missing, and this can be very stressful to them. Fish being introduced to aquariums or ponds, or being transported, are particularly prone to losing natural slime and needing slime replacement.

NovAqua+ neutralizes chlorine and the full toxic effect of chloramines:
* Chlorine is used in just about all municipal water supplies, for which the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency recommends up to 4 ppm chlorine.

* Chloramines in municipal water supplies are a very serious problem for aquarists and pond keepers. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia that together make a chemical compound that is much more stable and highly toxic to viruses and bacteria than either is alone. Chloramines are also very toxic to fishes and aquatic invertebrates.

* Over 50% of all municipalities in the U.S. now have chloramines added to the water supply, and the number rises every month. The American Water Works Association now strongly recommends that muni
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Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus® Water Conditioner - 16oz Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

novaplus water conditioner Product Review by Mary (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I just started using novaplus for three weeks and seems to be a good product.will recommend it.

Novaqua Plus water conditioner Product Review by JOSEPH CARRION (Posted on 12/17/11)

Comments: Kordon's aquaplus water conditioner is an excellent water conditioner that does not produce suds. It is superior to similar products from API and Tetra, but also somewhat more expensive. For regular water changes it, may be overkill, but the water parameters will be excellent and crystal clear...you fish wil thank you! I use whenever I do a major water change and whenever I do re-scaping of my tanks or add a new fish. You will be able to a white cloudiness when you add it to tap water, but this is just the chlorine dissipating. I also have used it in combination with Seachem Flourish Excel and API Leafzone with no adverse effects Very go.od product which I recommend without reservation

hobbyist Product Review by AMERICO RODRIGUEZ (Posted on 10/27/11)

Comments: This product really does all that is cut out to do.

Best There Is Product Review by Lindsey (Posted on 1/10/10)

Comments: I've used this for years in just about every aquarium I've dealt with including small betta tanks, amano style planted tanks, and reef systems when I couldn't get RO for one reason or another. I've liked it because it chelates heavy metals (something I haven't heard of anything else doing), and I think the vitamins, electrolytes and herbals really do help the fish live longer, healthier lives.

But the one really great sucess I've had with it was that about a year ago I opened my big mouth at work one day and inherited the care and keeping of the 200 gallon reef tank. I use the term reef tank loosely. When I inherited it, the tank was a filthy disaster on the verge of total collapse, with water parameters that looked like the results from a dirty goldfish bowl, and as you can imagine, severely stressed and ill inhabitants barely hanging in there including a few fish and fewer hardy invertebrates.

This tank needed a massive water change immediately, and given the size and the logistics involved there was no way I was going to manage to do that with RO water, much as I would have preferred that, so I used about 100 gallons of tap water dosed with NovAqua plus and AmQuel plus, before adding the kalkwasser and marine salt. While I'm sure just the huge water change was helpful, I credit the NovAqua plus with eliminating enough of the nasty stuff found in tap water, right down to the heavy metals that not one more of the invertebrates died after that day, and by the end of the week the fish were cruising around like nothing had happened and the remaining invertebrates were coming out, polyps started expanding again seeking the light and feeding normally.

Does what it says Product Review by elcidvicious (Posted on 9/5/09)

Comments: I use this product to treat my tap water when doing regular water changes in my reef tank, as well as to provide nutrients (i.e. vitamins) to the inhabitants. While it's difficult to quantify, I would say that my livestock is doing much better due to the contents of this product. I started using it roughly a year ago -- a period when Ich would appear from time to time -- and I haven't seen Ich since then and haven't lost a fish in over a year. Overall, it's a great product.

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