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Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor - 4oz
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Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor - 4oz

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Feature(s): Herbal ICH ATTACK 100% Organic 4oz (118mL) Treats up to gallons PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The proper diagnosing of diseases associated with the keeping of aquarium and pond fishes and other aquatic animals is a ...
Product Description

Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor - 4oz Information

  • Herbal ICH ATTACK
  • 100% Organic
  • 4oz (118mL) Treats up to gallons
The proper diagnosing of diseases associated with the keeping of aquarium and pond fishes and other aquatic animals is a real challenge for most aquarists and pond keepers. Symptoms are often misread and are often from many causes. Diseases caused by bacteria, fungus or protozoans can be either primary or secondary infections. Knowing whether a symptom is primary or secondary can be very important when selecting a treatment regimen and determining which is which can be complicated. Because most available treatments are selective and toxic, proper treatment selection is difficult and beyond the scope of most aquarists and pond keepers. Mistakes are often lethal.

Ich·Attack has been developed to solve as many of these problems as possible. The herbals used in Ich·Attack have been selected because they have been shown to have a powerful effect against aquatic diseases, yet are far more forgiving on the aquatic patient than most chemicals. Herbal use for aquatics is relatively new, and the pathogens have not built up a resistance to them, as is the case for many antibiotics in use today.

What Kordon has created, led by Dr. Michael Tierra - a well known herbalist whose books on natural botanical treatments are widely read - is to carefully determine which herbals can be used together to cover a wide spectrum of aquatic diseases. The result is a product that is completely unique, very effective, and truly easy to use.

With Ich Attack the user can successfully treat the disease without the necessity of a detailed diagnosis. If the aquatic animals have infections from external multiple diseases the chances are good that one or more of the powerful herbal ingredients in Ich·Attack will treat them. Ich·Attack`s herbal blend provides an extremely broad spectrum of activity, while remaining safe to the animals, thus eliminating costly and dangerous "trial and error".

  • effective in fresh, brackish or salt water
  • safe for fishes normally sensitive to medications including "scaleless" fishes such as loaches and catfishes, coral reef fishes and fry
  • will not harm eggs
  • will not harm plants or reef aquariums
  • can be used with amphibians and reptiles
  • does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • does not stain aquarium decor, aquarium sealants or equipment
  • will not permanently discolor the water
  • will not unduly affect the pH of the water
  • Ich·Attack can be used with all Kordon Water Conditioners such as NovAqua, AmQuel, and PolyAqua, all Kordon Water Clarifiers (Trans-Clear and Sea Clear) and all AquaTru Water Quality Test Kits.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (in Fresh, Brackish, or Salt Water)
Shake Well Before Each Use. Carbon should be removed from water filters during treatment

For Diseases, Abrasions and Wounds:
Add 1 teaspoonful (approx. 5 mL) of Ich·Attack for every 10 gallons (approx. 40 liters) of water. Repeat dosage daily for 1 week. For the treatment of ich, continue the treatment for at least 3 days after the last indication (white spots) of the disease is observed. If the symptoms have not cleared up after a week the daily treatment dose can be increased by 50 to 100% (1.5 to 2 teaspoonfuls) and continued for a longer period of time. Continue until the symptoms have disappeared, then make a 25% water change.

As a Disease Inhibitor and Preventative:

Ich Attack is recommended for use in aquariums, ponds and quarantine tanks to help the fishes in resisting external disease outbreaks. Follow the instructions for Diseases, Abrasions and Wounds.

For Netting, Handling or Adding New Fish, Amphibians, Turtles and Other Aquatic Reptiles:
Add 1 teaspoonful (approx. 5 mL) of Ich·Attack for every 10 gallons (approx. 40 liters) of water. Repeat dosage daily, 3-7 days of treatment will usually be sufficient. Cold water conditions may require a longer treatment time. If the animal`s condition appears to be less than satisfactory during this time, treat as recommended for severe infections. After the treatment period is over, make a 25% water change.
For Interconnected Multiple Aquarium Systems:
Ich-Attack can be used in aquariums that are interconnected with a central filtering system and where one or more are aquariums are infected while the others are not. Ich-Attack will not harm the inhabitants of the non-infected aquariums.

Note: If the infection is too far advanced, no treatment will be satisfactory. It is very important to start treatment as soon as protozoan or fungus infections are noticed.

Patents pending.

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Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor - 4oz Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

IT WORKS Product Review by Doug (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: hi,
I have been treating a 55 gal tank with a 20 gal sump with live rock, hermits, snails,2 anemones,2 serpant stars, conch. and lots of fish, Its the only safe products for inverts Aplus stuff .

Ich Attach Product Review by KATHY BOYD (Posted on 6/5/11)

Comments: This product is great for preventative as well remedial treatment for new and sick fish.

Invert safe. Product Review by BILL COSPER (Posted on 2/23/11)

Comments: One 7 day treatment cleared the Ich in my 55gal FW community tank. All my tanks are populated with several species of shrimp (as well as the fish). Kordon Herbal Ich Attack performed as advertised and exceeded my expectations.

Excellent Product Product Review by Schrambo (Posted on 1/9/11)

Comments: Safe and effective with all freshwater inhabitants, especially when used as an on-going preventative.

My #1 Choice Product Review by Jodie (Posted on 10/15/10)

Comments: I had an outbreak of ich in my 75 gallon tank. I tried another brand first, as it was "highly recommended" by the associate at the pet store. The other brand was supposed to cure ich in 2 doses, spanning 4 days. Not only did it not cure the ich, but the outbreak became so bad I lost 5 fish and had several that were absolutely covered in white spots. I switched to Ich-Attack and was absolutely amazed! I did use a double dose due everyday to the severity of the outbreak and within 2 days I saw a dramatic decrease in spots on all of the fish. By the end of the week, those that were the worst only had a few spots on their tails. A couple days later, and no spots could be seen at all. All of the fish have recovered nicely and are back to being bright and active. I am so impressed by this medication that I will look for this brand first for any of my tank treatment needs.

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