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Kordon Rid Fungus Treatment - 4oz
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Kordon Rid Fungus Treatment

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Quick Overview

100% Organic Fungal Disease External Treatment for Aquarium Fishes
Treats and Helps Prevent External Diseases Caused by Fungus, Protozoans and Dinoflagellates
Safe as a Fresh or Saltwater Treatment
Safe for Aquatic In...
Product Description

Kordon Rid Fungus Treatment Information

  • 100% Organic Fungal Disease External Treatment for Aquarium Fishes
  • Treats and Helps Prevent External Diseases Caused by Fungus, Protozoans and Dinoflagellates
  • Safe as a Fresh or Saltwater Treatment
  • Safe for Aquatic Invertebrates and Coral Reef Animals
  • 16oz (473 mL) up to 960 gallons
Rid-Fungus TM is an easy to use treatment for all types of external and epidermal fungi on fishes and aquatic invertebrates, whether fresh or brackish water, or marine. Fungi are very important pathogens of fishes and their eggs. These fungi include for fresh water the species of Saprolegnia, Achlya, Leptomitus, Pythium, and for marine Exophiala, Ichthyophonus,  Rid-Fungus is especially suitable for tropical marine aquariums containing aquatic invertebrates,  because it also treats their fungal infections, while not adversely affecting coral reef animals, including corals, anemones, starfish, snails, crabs, and shrimp.

Rid-Fungus is a treatment composed of 100% multiple organic ingredients. It`s broad spectrum of activity and lack of toxicity make Rid-Fungus effective without requiring a specific diagnosis. It stops infectious and external parasitic invasions from getting started and in turn prevents many secondary infections. In addition to the infections listed above, it is effective against Ichthyophthirius (ich) as well as many other protozoans (single cell parasites such as Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, and in salt water Crytocaryon (saltwater ich) and Amyloodinium. In short, Rid-Fungus helps fishes fight off a wide spectrum of  infections.

The herbals used in Rid-Fungus have been selected because they have been shown to have a powerful effect against aquatic diseases, yet are far more forgiving on the animals than harsh chemicals. What Kordon has created , led by Dr. Michael Tierra - a well known herbalist whose books on natural botanical treatments are widely read - is to determine carefully which herbals can be used together to cover a wide spectrum of external fungal and other aquatic diseases. The result is completely unique, very effective, and truly easy to use.

Fungus is one of the most common infections in aquarium fishes.  Fungus is recognized externally mainly as a growth on the head, body, or fins that looks like cotton or tufts, often being whitish, but also may be gray, brown, or another color.  These growths are technically called hyphae.   Fungus also can be slimy on surfaces, called water molds. All of these fungal infections are technically called Oomycete infections. Fungus can also be internal lesions or granulomas appearing in fishes, including in marine tropical fishes on infected organs as raised, white to yellow nodules or patches.

Pond fishes are susceptible to the same fungal infections found in aquarium fishes.  A common fungal infection in pond fish is branchiomycosis, which breaks out in fish in ponds that have high nitrogenous or organic loads.  The fish appear to be weak and lethargic, and may show signs of asphyxia, such as by gasping.  The fungal infections occur in the blood vessels in the gills.  To rid the pond of the symptoms associated with nitrogenous toxicity  use Kordon Amquel+ to detoxify the pond.  Frequent double doses of AmQuel+ are recommended until all nitrogenous compounds are detoxified.

Contains 5% active ingredients consisting of five natural herbals, based on their containing naphthoquinones.   Free of heavy metals, including zinc and copper.  Does not affect pH of the water, or its oxygen content.

The therapeutic action of Rid-Fungus on fungus and other parasites is due to its binding with cytoplasmic structures within the cell.

Directions for Use:
In Fresh, Brackish or Salt Water: Shake well before each use. It is recommended to remove any carbon filtration media so that it does not reduce effectiveness of the treatment, although for most active carbons its removal is not essential. Fungus-Rid does not interfere with the use of protein skimmers or UV ultraviolet sterilizers.  For treating stressed fish and when netting, handling or adding new fish, amphibians, turtles and other aquatic reptiles: Add 1 drop per gallon or 1 teaspoon (approx. 5mL) of Rid-Fungus for every 10 gallons (approx. 40 liters) of water. (see Kordon Article: Standard Dose for Liquid Treatments).  Repeat dosage daily, 3-7 days of treatment will usually be sufficient. Cold water conditions may require a longer treatment time. Water changes are not required for this treatment to be effective.

If besides fungus the fish have Ich (Ichthiophthirius) infections, the treatment will need to be made daily until all of the “white spots” have hatched out and their young have been killed by the treatments.  (For further information on Ich see Kordon Article: The Life Cycle of Ich).

For established or severe infections - double the dose.  Continue treatments until a cure is effected.  It is recommended that for double doses per day, one should be in the morning, the other later in the day.

Rid-Fungus is stable indefinitely in the 5.0% aqueous solution, providing it is kept in a cool dark place to avoid decomposition.

Kordon Rid-Fungus is compatible with the other Kordon herbal products, including Ich-Attack® and Prevent-Ich®.

Rid-Fungus IS SAFE FOR USE IN ALL KINDS OF AQUARIUMS AND ORNAMENTAL PONDS. Scaleless fishes (such a loaches, elephant noses, electric eels, knife fishes and catfishes), coral reef fishes, young fish and fry, reef aquariums, aquatic plants, aquatic invertebrates (such as snails, crustaceans, corals and sea anemones), amphibians and reptiles. Rid-Fungus will not stain sealants, ornaments, plastic or living plants, and will not unduly affect the pH or permanently discolor the water. Rid-Fungus does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Rid-Fungus can be used with all Kordon Water Conditioners such as the NovAquas, the AmQuels and PolyAqua® Fish Protector, all Kordon Water Clarifiers (Trans-Clear® and Sea-Clear®), and all AquaTru® Water Quality Test Kits.

Rid-Fungus is not indicated for the treatment of viral or bacterial infections, or multicellular infections such as flukes (monogenetic trematodes).

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