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LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit 3121
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LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit 3121

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The threat to aquarium water is very easy to understand. Anything that affects water quality will bring great impact to your fishes’ overall health. Depending on the fish life and plant life you keep, this could be a life or death...
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LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit 3121 Information

Part #: 3121-01

The threat to aquarium water is very easy to understand. Anything that affects water quality will bring great impact to your fishes overall health. Depending on the fish life and plant life you keep, this could be a life or death situation. The most common threat present in aquarium water is ammonia. Ammonia is produced when fish waste is released into the water. Thankfully, there are often naturally occurring bacteria that breaks down ammonia into nitrates, nitrites and less harmful compounds that your plant life can use.

As threatening as ammonia can be, there is another group of toxins that could threaten your water and these are chemical threats like chloride and phosphate in high levels. High phosphate levels can cause serious harm to your aquariums fishes and plants health. However, just like ammonia, it is not easy to detect if the phosphate level is high because it is not visible to the naked eye. It becomes an invisible threat. Unlike ammonia which is a fairly common and well recognized threat, the hazards that phosphate brings is less known. It is best to have a test kit that will be used in checking your aquarium waters phosphate level. A good phosphate test kit is the Lamotte Phosphate Test Kit from Pet Store.

It has an 8 - scale reading system so that you can see the exact and current phosphate level of your water. The test kit includes 50 tests. This product has been in the market for quite some time so you will be benefiting from the Lamotte companys several years of experience producing effective test methods and innovative harm reduction strategies for aquariums. So, for you to be able to monitor your aquariums phosphate level effectively, try Lamotte Phosphate Test Kit.

Octet Comparator with Axial Reader. Scale is 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 ppm PO4. 50 tests.

These kits are part of an ongoing effort by the LaMotte Company Research and Development team to produce new test methods and kits that are faster, easier-to-use, and reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous materials.

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LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit 3121 Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Love it Product Review by Andrey (Posted on 10/17/12)

Comments: This is for both nitrate and phosphate kits. My previous (average-priced) kit showed 0 nitrates and 3 ppm phosphates. Added some KNO3 (to bring nitrates to 10 ppm). Still 0. Decided to check with LaMotte before adding any more fertilizer. Turned out that my tap already contains 10 ppm nitrate (and 1 ppm phosphate), and tank had 20 ppm NO3 after the fertilizer addition (as expected!) and 1.3 ppm phosphate. Both kits are easy to use and accurate. No sample dilution required if levels are within reasonable values. Color comparison is much easier than in other kits, especially for phosphate (ingenious 'Axial Reader' system, which allows looking through the solution column in the test tube "length-wise", makes it especially reliable and robust). Expensive, but well worth it (I'm a biochemists; I'm supposed to love quality reagents and kits :)).

Poor Color Standard Product Review by K.DAHLIN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I bought this against my better judgment, having read Dandrake's review. He's absolutely right on; it's hard to match your sample with the octet standard because they are different shades of blue.

Bad color standard Product Review by dandrake (Posted on 10/14/07)

Comments: I don't like it. It has the standard axial-read comparator, which works just fine in other low-level test kits from Lamotte. But there's a warning that you must read it in sunlight, not artificial light. OK, that's reasonable, the lighting spectrum may matter, since the color sample isn't exactly the stuff in the test tube.

Problem: the color sample is nothing like the solution in the test tube. Under any light, at any concentration I've run a test on, the hue of the samples is quite different from that of the actual test solution. It's extremely hard to compare the concentration (i.e., the saturation of the colors). If you're color blind, it may work fine -- seriously.

If I want a result I can rely on, I actually run a parallel test against a known solution. Extract measured amounts of solution from the darker sample till the color matches, and do the math. Yuck.

Worst of all, I don't know of a better test kit for these concentrations, 1 ppm plus or minus.

Note: the kit is a few years old (but not deteriorated), used in freshwater testing.

(Expertise listed below: in chemistry & test kits, not in fishkeeping.)

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