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Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer
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  • Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer
  • Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer

Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer

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Item #: MD2103

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Quick Overview

Specifically designed for aquarium use for measuring the salinity of Natural Sea Water. Almost all hand held salt water refractometers available to the hobby are designed and calibrated for testing of brine solution, i.e. sodium c...
Product Description

Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer Information

Part #: Reef Meter

Designed specifically for aquarium use to measure the salinity of natural sea water (NSW). Most handheld saltwater refractometers available in the hobby are designed and calibrated for testing brine solution, i.e. sodium chloride, and are not calibrated for the refractive index of natural sea water. This is a very important distinction: other salinity refractometers used for marine aquariums are designed to test saltwater and nothing else! The Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer is designed to measure the salinity of NSW taking into account all the other elements that comprise salinity in the marine water sample.

Even though the largest percentage of salt in the sea is sodium chloride, the presence of other significant ions such as magnesium and calcium in NSW results in a different refractive index to that of brine. A standard (brine) refractometer will therefore not give the correct salinity for NSW and a conversion factor must be applied.

For example, a 35 ppt (parts per thousand) solution of NSW has the same refractive index as a 36.5 ppt solution of brine. When using a brine refractometer, an aquarium hobbyist should therefore look for a reading of 36.5 ppt when trying to achieve a reading of 35 ppt for NSW.

Easier to Read

One of the other problems with most refractometers is the scale displayed normally reads from 0-100 ppt when we are really only interested in the region from 30-40 ppt. The Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer has therefore been specifically designed to read from 1.015-1.030 which gives you much better resolution of a normal 1.000-1.070 scale.

  • Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer
  • Protective Hardshell Case
  • Pipette
  • Soft Cloth
  • Calibration Screw Driver


12 Month manufacturer warranty.
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Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

A great tool Product Review by RANDY CRAIG (Posted on 1/19/14)

Comments: I found the refractometer very easy to use. I like the fact that I now have readings on both salinity and specific gravity. Worth the expense in my opinion.

Pro Refractometer Product Review by THOMAS MILLER (Posted on 10/14/13)

Comments: This is very easy to read. Highly recommend this item for the serious aquarium buff.

Nice Unit Product Review by DEAN J (Posted on 8/26/13)

Comments: I love this new refractometer! The reason I purchased this is because of thescale that you see in the view finder. All the other brands out there all go up to 1.070 and the scale really small and a it difficult to read. And there is no need to go that high for reef tanks. This scale only goes up to 1.030 and the scale is larger and much easier to read and get accurate. I let it acclimate to the temperature for a little while then used RO water to calibrate and it was dead on. didn't even have to adjust. I just got this last week and I am extremely happy. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a good refractometer.

Solid Refractometer Product Review by DON NEWHOUSE (Posted on 8/10/13)

Comments: Easy to use and calibrate. Solid well built device, very accurate.

Couldn't ask for more Product Review by ANDREAS SCHAEFER (Posted on 7/1/13)

Comments: When I received the box I calibrated the refractometer in a few minutest and since them I can measure the salinity or the aquarium water as well as replacement water easily and quickly. THe higher resolution makes it very easy to read and the adjustable eye piece is excellent. It needs some good lighting but nothing out of the ordinary.

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