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Marineland Magnum 360 C-Series Canister Filter
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Marineland Magnum C-Series Canister Filter

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Magnum C-Series Canister Filter The revolutionary design of the new Marineland Multi-Stage C-Series Canister Filter forces water to pass through the filter media trays and not around them. With virtually no bypass and a three-s...
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Marineland Magnum C-Series Canister Filter Information

Part #: 50510

Magnum C-Series Canister Filter

The revolutionary design of the new Marineland Multi-Stage C-Series Canister Filter forces water to pass through the filter media trays and not around them. With virtually no bypass and a three-stage filtration process, only sparkling-clean water can recirculate into your tank—regardless of size or type of aquarium. The key to this process is our special internal design and three-stage approach that passes the water through a series of specialized filter media. It’s a design that delivers the best available technology in mechanical, chemical and biological filtration… and it’s a design that is unmatched for capturing particulates.

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Marineland Magnum C-Series Canister Filter Reviews

Average Ratings:

leaking after 6 months Product Review by Nobama (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I have the smaller version for a 50gallon tank which is doing fine. But this one the 360-C I am using for my saltwater tank, just started to leak from one of the 4 clamps on top after 6 months of use.

C-220 Canister filter Product Review by ERIC RAMSEY (Posted on 2/6/12)

Comments: I bought this filter to replace the Emperor 400 on my 55 gallon FOWLR tank. The Emperor 400 worked great but it was somewhat noisy from the Bio wheels splashing, I wanted to "quiet" the tank and since I have 50-55lbs of cycled Figi live rock, I didn't need the Bio wheels anyway. I wanted the much larger chemical filtration capacity of a canister so I bought the C220. I wanted the C360 but it was too large to fit under my cabinet stand. Set up was fairly straightforward but hoses are stiff and are WAY to long and will have to be cut up to a foot or more for a standard 30" high stand. Priming was a chore but once the canister was filled fully and I plugged it in it ran smoothly and very quietly. Be sure to hand tighten hose nuts on output valve block as tight as they will go. I completly agree with last poster, the leaking was a manufacturing defect over two years ago. It has long been resolved and if someone buys a current model and has a leaking issue, then they haven't installed the filter properly.

Reason for leaking... Product Review by BArcher (Posted on 5/11/11)

Comments: For those who are unsure of this product because of leaking. I just read this from a different website:

"While researching reviews of this filter on the Internet, you will come across numerous reports of leaks. This was the result of a manufacturer's defect that occurred during several production runs. This problem has since been resolved. Once discovered, Marineland issued a recall of all affected filters, replacing both the Motorhead and valve blocks. My C-360 was one of these. Even though my filter was out of warranty, Marineland replaced my valve block and motorhead, free of charge. I have had no issues since. If purchasing a new filter, the leak concerns with this filter are no greater than with any other canister filter. I am perfectly comfortable both using and recommending the C-Series filters. In summary on this issue, it is a part of the past and not a valid concern on currently manufactured filters."

I noticed the earlier reviews spoke of leaking. And the newer reviews do not. It's because Marineland fixed this issue by recalling their filters. I hope most of those people let the company know that their filters were leaking. If not, that was the customer's own mistake.

improper reassembly Product Review by Kaith (Posted on 2/4/11)

Comments: I have been running a magnum c series filter for almost 2 years now.Not one problem has ever happened with this unit. I have been reading all of these bad reviews about how they leak,that you can't buy replacement parts for them! Yes,if you clamp the unit back together with the gaskets inproperly installed they will leak and more than likely you will damage or destroy the gasket and YES you can buy replacement parts for them, for example the gasket that is probably the one getting damaged from negligence in reasembly after routine maintenance.these are a great filters at a reasonable price.

Awesome filter!! Product Review by LEO KRIEGER (Posted on 3/14/10)

Comments: First off, with my 46 gallon bow front- I got a Magnum 350- What a pain the wasnooski!!! Cleanings were a pain and there were really no place to put more than 1 type of media in the canister. I did some looking around and came across these new canister filters from Marineland. Let me tell you-- What a blessing. Cleanings are a breeze and absolutely no leaks whatsoever- despite all the reviews of them leaking. I got to put the priming option to use and it worked perfectly-- two pumps and the water was flowing into the canister. I absolutely love this thing and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Solidly built and just a God send for me. This thing cleans better than that Magnum 350 ever did- and it keeps it clean for a long time!!! It is way overrated for my tank but that is the best thing to do anyways. DOn't hesitate on this virtually no bypass filter--- It is awesome!!!

Leo from Ohio

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