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Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food 3lbs
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Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food 3lbs

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If you haven’t yet decided on the perfect diet to give to your marine inhabitants, then you might want to consider feeding them with the Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food Pet Store for a while. This is available in a three-pound pack...

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Product Description

Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food 3lbs Information

Part #: FMK3

If you havent yet decided on the perfect diet to give to your marine inhabitants, then you might want to consider feeding them with the Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food Pet Store for a while. This is available in a three-pound pack, which can last for a couple of weeks. This is specifically manufactured by expert aquarists who want to give nothing but the best nourishment for your pets. This is a suitable brand to present to fish, which are picky eaters, as well as to those that are sick. Plus, it will also show you more benefits than just satisfying the appetites of your pals.

This type of food contributes to a cleaner tank, primarily because it doesnt leave any residues on the water, nor does it dissolve quickly. Unlike other pellets, this will sink, allowing your bottom feeders to get the first taste of this new brand. This is made from natural ingredients, which are often found in the sea, assuring you that it has a flavor that your pets wont be able to resist. It is equipped with a variety of nutrients, which can strengthen the bodies and immunity system of sick fish.

With the Medi-Koi Medicated Fish Food, you can be sure that all of your fishes are provided with a diet, which will satisfy their every health need.

Medi-KoiEXCELLENT for treating TOUGH BACTERIAL and FUNGAL diseases!! Medi-Koi® is more effective than ever for healing tough fungal and bacteria infections and here's why:We added a proprietary blend of natural micro-nutrients to our custom formula that aids in the effectiveness of the antibiotics in our Medi-Koi®, plus, the micro-nutrients accelerates and intensifies the natural response of the immune system, which accelerates the healing of tough fungal and bacterial infections in your koi and pond fish. Our exclusive proprietary blend of natural micro-nutrients is not available in any other medicated food. If your fish are suffering from a tough fungal and/or bacterial infection and you need a good medicated food that works fast and your fish will love to eat, Medi- Koi® is the medicated food for you!Medi-Koi® is formulated by Dr. Matthews, a Veterinarian with a Doctor's Degree in animal nutrition. Dr. Matthews is a highly respected specialist and expert in animal and Aqua-culture Nutrition. He has spent much of his career on the research and development of cutting edge biotechnology for the Aqua-culture industry. As such, we consider ourselves especially fortunate to be able to have Dr. Mathews provide his knowledge and experience in helping us bring the newest, most innovative and effective products to you, our valued customers.Can't find antibiotics? Uncomfortable giving injections? Can't catch your fish? Medi-Koi® is the next best treatment for tough fungal and bacterial infections.
Important InformationMedi-Koi® is loaded with Krill Meal, Shrimp Meal and other high quality ingredients that actually stimulate your sick fish's appetite so your fish receive the medications they need.Medi-Koi® supplies the high quality nutrition your fish need for a fast recovery at the same time they are receiving their powerful medications: 38% protein, 12% fat, with stabilized Vitamin C plus many, many more Vitamins and the more effective chelated minerals. Medi-Koi® is a custom made, sinking pellet that brings the medication to the bottom of your pond where your sick fish tend to stay.Medi-Koi® is tested every year by thousands of pond keepers across the U.S. and has a proven record as the top medicated food on the market for curing ulcers and other bacterial infections, plus, your fish will love it! Medi-Koi® should not be confused with Gold Kist & regular Romet that is made for food fish, like catfish and is very inexpensive. Many Dealers are re-bagging and selling plain Gold Kist Romet as a Special Medicated food for Koi and Pond Fish under other names and doubling its price. Don't be fooled!Medi-Koi® contains three powerful antibiotics that are milled into the feed, not top dressed like the cheaper imitations, where the medications are quickly lost in the water and become useless. Medi-Koi® places the medications in your fish where they work the best, not in your water! Now here's the best part! As we all know some stressed or sick fish eat very little, and research has shown your sick fish must eat at least 3% of its body weight of most medicated food everyday to be effective. The good news is, using Medi- Koi® all your sick fish has to eat is 1% of its body weight. That's just 1/3 of the medicated food your stressed or sick fish has to eat if you treated it with other medicated fish food
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