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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Lite System
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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Lite System

This product has been discontinued

Item #: NS1147

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Features: Connectivity Ethernet Interface Embedded Web Server Only controller with web browser Monitoring, Control & Configuration. Email Alarms Expandability Most expandable Controller. Up to 240 modu...
Product Description

Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Lite System Information

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  • Ethernet Interface
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Only controller with web browser Monitoring, Control & Configuration.
  • Email Alarms
  • Most expandable Controller. Up to 240 modules, hundreds of probes, and thousands of controlled outlets.
  • Simple menu driven Configuration No program language knowledge required.
Robust Timers
  • Simulates Sunrise/sunset
  • Simulates moon cycle
  • Wave Maker and Random timed cycles
  • Still water feed mode (multiple modes)
Ultimate Control
  • Monitor/Control Temperature, pH
  • Digital Calibration on all probes
  • Seasonal temp & lighting control
  • Flexible Control Options
Apex Lite System
    The Apex Lite System delivers a professional quality controller at hobbyist prices.
Built-in Ethernet
    Integrated Ethernet port
    Most advanced web server available
      Interactive flash graphing application in the web server
      Interfaces with AquaNotes iPhone application
      Compatible with all Major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari)
    Only aquarium controller with web server monitoring, control, and configuration
    Compatible with wireless bridges or game adapters (802.11x) so that wireless network communication is possible
    Email or text message alarms
    Email alarms or audible alarms when Energy Bar power fails
    Interactive flash graphing application in the web server
    Interfaces with AquaNotes iPhone application
    RSS and XML Support
Very simple menu driven configuration

    Menus to easily setup pumps, lights, heater, chiller, co2, etc
    No programming required for configuration
    Can name the outlets (unlike competing products)
    Can be configured through LCD Display or a standard web browser
    In advanced mode an enhanced AquaController programming language is available
      Sophisticated non standard control available
      Virtual Outlets allow even more complex control options
Monitor/Control - pH, Temp

    The base unit includes software which is capable of monitoring pH, and temperature. The monitored data is continuously displayed on the large LCD display and also logged into the internal nonvolatile memory for later retrieval. All probes support digital calibration.
Galvanic isolation on probes

    Galvanic isolation on the probes results much more reliable and accurate probe readings. While these features increase costs we feel that probe accuracy is absolutely critical for monitoring/controlling your tank, unlike many competing aquarium controllers.
State of the Art Electronics Integration
    Only 32 bit processor on an Aquarium controller
    Over 16 times more code space & 5X faster than competitive controllers
    The huge code space means that future expandability is ensured
    Over 16 times data storage memory than the competition
    1 year’s worth of data logs can be stored internally
New Enhanced Control Functionality

    Day of Week functionality
    Sub minute control added on EnergyBar controlled devices
    Default outlet state for all EnergyBar outlets
    Second resolution control
Sunrise and Sunset Simulation

    The Apex has a special control function which can be used to simulate the varying lengths of days throughout the year. This feature is used to make the length of daylight hours longer in the summer than in the winter. This results in a more realistic simulation of natural lighting variations.
Moon Cycle Simulation

    The Apex has another special control function which can be used to simulate the moon cycle in your tank. The lunar simulator is used for this feature and is capable of varying the intensity of light emitted from its LEDs. The intensity variations are controlled by the Apex which is preprogrammed with correct intensity values for each day of the moon cycle. The Apex automatically updates the intensity value depending upon the current setting of the Apex's clock. With this artificial moon cycle, it is possible to induce corals and fish to spawn.

    Each pump to be controlled can either have a random or fixed time period. Both the on and off times are fully programmable and can range from 1 minute to 4 hours in 1 minute increments. Four independent variable length feed timer cycle scan be initiated with the press of a button and will disable some or all of the pumps in the system (programmed by the user).
6 Digital Inputs

    The Apex comes equipped with 6TTL level external inputs which can be used to activate/deactivate equipment in response to an external stimulus. Applications for these inputs include connection to water level float switches, water pressure and flow sensors, and water on the floor sensors. The Apex can be configured to signal alarms or turn on/off appliances in the event of external switch open or closure.
Modular Expansion through AquaBus
    High reliability protocol with robust error correction
    Virtual unlimited expandability. The most expandable controller.
    Plug and Play – AquaBus modules are automatically recognized and configured
    Cable lengths over 200 feet
    Expandable to 240 AquaBus modules
    Add optional modules to monitor Hundreds of Probes
    Add additional EnergyBars to control thousands of outlets
    All AquaBus modules allow for easy firmware updates
    Probe modules available (or in development) for additional Temperature, pH, ORP, Conductivity, and dissolved oxygen probes
    Module firmware updates done through AquaBus. No need to disassemble controller, and individually update modules
Backward Compatibility

    All AquaController 3 accessories work with the AquaController Apex. One major design consideration was to maintain backwards compatibility to protect existing customer’s investment in AquaController compatible equipment.

    • I/O port expansion backwards compatible with PX 1000
    • Compatible with the breakout box
    • Integrated control port - All control port accessories (DC8, DC4, DC4HD, AquaSurf, Lunar Sim)
AquaBus Features

    Two AquaBus connectors for easy expansion, and flexible cabling options
    Plug and Plug bus allows for modular expansion.
Updateable Firmware

    Firmware updates via Ethernet
    Flash memory so new features can be easily added
    All AquaBus modules allow for easy firmware updates
    No need to unplug/rewire devices to perform the firmware update (unlike the competition)
Alternate power port on Apex Lite Base Unit

    In power failure situations Alarm emails can still be sent
    Can detect power failures in EnergyBars
    Internal rechargeable backup battery retains clock
    Graph probe/device data on the LCD display
Compact Size

    7.5" x 2.6" x 1.10"

What's in the Box

1x Temperature Probe

1x Apex Lite Unit- pH port, I/O port, Ethernet port, Control port, 2x Aquabus ports

1x Apex Base Unit

1x Energy Bar 8

1x Ethernet Cable

1x USB Cable

1x Packet of mounting screws

1x Instruction Manual

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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Lite System Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great! Product Review by ReefMan (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Had this up and running in a few days. Ability to configure on web, and Neptune's customer service, is best in class. Email feature alerts when problems arise. What else can you ask for?

Big upgrade from ACJR Product Review by CLINTON PAQUIN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I've been using a Neptune Systems ACJR for the past 3 years on a JBJ 28g HQI cube. The ACJR finally started to die, and this was a huge upgrade. Buying a small wireless gaming controller ($60) will help you run the APEX Lite wirelessly through your house to easily be accessed directly from your computer.

Well worth the $$, easy to setup if you have minimal technical knowledge (although, some basic knowledge is required)

Great investment! Product Review by DANIEL MUDDER (Posted on 1/26/14)

Comments: I think a controller was a great investment for my 90 gallon mixed reef. I bought two dosing pumps, the PH probe, and I'm working on a an auto top off with a breakout box. I also get piece of mind making sure my heater will shut down if it were to malfunction. Programming this was simple enough, although the setting up the email was a pain. I had to create an email with my ISP since this didn't work with any of the big email sites. Build quality is great, but I do wish it was a little cheaper, especially now that its discontinued and its either the Apex Jr. or the full Apex as your only options.

Apex how did I live without it Product Review by CHRIS BARRY (Posted on 4/23/13)

Comments: Apex how did I live without it:
I am not sure how I ever kept a tank looking so good without this Apex. It does anything and everything you can think of. End of story.

Aquacontroller Product Review by EDWARD FORT (Posted on 6/30/12)

Comments: Just purchased this and got it up and running. It has already been great on getting my tank temp. under control. My tank was heating up as the heaters did not turn off as they should. Now the heaters are controlled by the Apex and my tank runs at a the correct temp. Still learning how to set everything up. I think this is the best purchase I made for my tank so far.

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