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Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe
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Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe

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Item #: NS5111

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Feature(s): Precision of +/- .01 10` coax cable Sealed Ag/AgCI reference. Standard BNC connector
Product Description

Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe Information

Part #: PRBPHS

  • Precision of +/- .01
  • 10` coax cable
  • Sealed Ag/AgCI reference.
  • Standard BNC connector
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Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Excellant Product Review by SCOTT WADE (Posted on 3/26/14)

Comments: Arrive quickly. Easy to calibrate and read much more accurate than the last one. Just a little upset that my questions to Neptune Systems were blown off. Felt like since i have the Aqua Jr. and not the new APEX then i'm not worthy of help.

Excellent BUT... Product Review by PHILLIP WILSON (Posted on 4/28/13)

Comments: I had terrible problems calibrating the unit. It just wouldn't work. I had ph reading of 16 and then 4. Customer service was amazing and after a number of back and forth emails the tech asked me if I had taken the shipping cover off the probe! It's amazing how accurate it is if you take off the cover! There was no literature in the box that it came with so I never knew!

Up and Running in a Flash! Product Review by THOMAS GULCYNSKI (Posted on 4/23/13)

Comments: How easy is it to calibrate an Apex probe? Very easy. Just follow these steps:

1.) fill two small containers with RO/DI water (used to rinse the probe between steps).
2.) next remove the protective cap from the probe and place in one of the 2 containers.
3.) connect your probe to your controller.
4.) press the Enter key on your Apex AquaController display and select Setup.
5.) next move the cursor to pH Setup and press the Enter key.
6.) carefully open your pH 7.0 solution. Remove the probe from RO/DI rinse and place into the solution and swirl a few times.
7.) now press pH Calibrate from the display screen. Allow the probe time to acclimate from the RO/DI rinse to the pH 7.0 solution. Review the display. You'll see the probe calibration proceed e.g. from the pH of the RO/DI rinse (typically 5.X) to 7.XXX.
7.) once the calibration is complete press the "Save" key. The pH 7.0 calibration is now complete.
8.) now remove the probe from the pH 7.0 solution and place into the same RO/DI rinse, swirl, then move to the unused RO/DI container to remove remnants of the prior solution.
9.) now select pH Calibrate once again from the display screen. You'll notice the default value listed on this screen will be 10.0. Your Controller recognizes the fact you "saved" the 7.0
10.) open the pH 10.0 solution.
11.) remove the probe from the 2nd rinse, insert it into the pH 10.0 solution and swirl a few times.
12:) press pH calibrate and wait for the calibration to complete. You'll see the calibration value move into to 10.XXX range.
13.) once the calibration is complete, select "Save."
14.) now remove the probe from the 10.0 solution and rinse in succession in the RO/DI containers then place in your sump.
15.) VIOLA! You've properly calibrated your Apex probe.


Neptune PH Probe Product Review by STEPHANIE SHIBATA (Posted on 2/3/10)

Comments: The Neptune Systems PH probe is an excellent product. It came packed extremely well from Marine Depot. I calibrated the probe to the head unit with no issues and it started working flawlessly. I would highly recommend purchasing the lab grade probe.

Works great Product Review by ANTHONY PARKER (Posted on 5/19/08)

Comments: Easy setup and it is great to have pH displayed all the time.

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