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EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures
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  • EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures
  • EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures

EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures

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Quick Overview

Radion XR30W G2 The second generation of EcoTech Marines award-winning Radion XR30w line The next-evolution Radion XR30w LED lighting system uses EcoTechs new TIR lens and the latest Cree XT-E LEDs to achieve greater PA...
Product Description

EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures Information

Radion XR30W G2

The second generation of EcoTech Marines award-winning Radion XR30w line

The next-evolution Radion XR30w LED lighting system uses EcoTechs new TIR lens and the latest Cree XT-E LEDs to achieve greater PAR ratings and improve efficiency.

Radion XR30w G2 Features
  • Thirty-two high-quality LEDs representing five colors and five channels
  • Seamless integration with the existing EcoSmart Live web-based controller platform
  • The same modularity found in the first-generation Radion XR30w and the new Radion XR30w Pro, enabling upgrades and backward compatibility within the entire Radion line
More PAR, More Efficient

The Radion XR30w G2s increased efficiency allows it to provide 57-percent higher peak PAR and 47-percent higher average PAR while retaining the award-winning full-spectrum output found in the first generation of the Radion XR30w.

  • 32 energy-efficient LEDs
  • New water-resistant cooling fan
  • Fully adjustable for growth and appeal
  • Output optimized for PAR
  • Wide light spread
  • Minimal color banding
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Modular LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies
  • Capacitive touch exterior controls
  • Revolutionary heat sink design
  • Switching power supply
  • Evolving software and firmware
  • Smart multi-light wireless functionality
  • Easy import and export of saved modes
  • Real-time clock
  • Multiple light period programmable
EcoTech Radion Gen 2 Graphs

  • Max Wattage of Lighting: 145 Watts
  • Max Wattage of LED Channels: 130 Watts
    *Specifications and modes subject to change
  • WHITE: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5W each)
  • RED: 4 Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red (3W each)
  • GREEN: 4 Cree XP-E Green (3W each)
  • BLUE: 8 Cree XP-E Blue (3W each)
  • ROYAL BLUE: 8 Cree XT-E Royal Blue (5W each)
    *All wavelengths are the peak emitted
EcoSmart Live

Wouldnt it be cool if the Radion communicated wirelessly with other Radion units. Well, it does through EcoSMART Live. Lighting control is now in the cloud.

Thanks to the controllers web interface (compatible with Mac and Windows), Radion owners can enjoy EcoSMARTs cutting-edge controls and user-friendly design on a computer or tablet with an internet connection. New features are implemented automatically, with no work for the user.

Note: A Radion must be connected via USB to a computer running the Connection Manager in order to control your lights from the web.

EcoTech Radion Gen 2 Ecosmart Live

TIR Lenses

The Radion XR30w G2 features EcoTech Marines new Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, which directs more of each LED clusters output directly into in your tank. TIR lenses boost peak PAR levels by up to 45% and total (average) PAR levels by up to 23% without sacrificing spread or consuming additional power.

EcoTech Radion Gen 2 TIR Lens

Battery Back-Up

Blizzard. Hurricane. A motorist hits a utility pole. Stuff happens. The power goes out… the Radion is fully compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup.

In the event of a power outage, lack of light energy over the aquarium results in corals switching from photosynthesis (producing oxygen) to respiration (consuming oxygen). When used with a Battery Backup accessory, the Radion emits low levels of light intended to prevent corals from respiring, and therefore; your Radion will help to maintain an oxygen-rich environment for your fish during this critical time period.

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EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 LED Light Fixtures Reviews

Average Ratings:

Pummmm! Product Review by MIGUEL NOEMI (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Awesome performance, easy programation, nice colors and ligth weight.
My corals increase their size, the light is so pure that we can see everything.
The best lamp ever!

Night & Day better!!! Product Review by Aquaman (Posted on 12/16/13)

Comments: I owned the 1st gen Radion & it was a POS so I got the Kessil A360W when it came out. The Kessil was very good & the SHIMMER WAS SICK! but i wasn't seeing much growth & my Kessil died twice on me so I got the Radion Pro & sold the new Kessil when it arrived & WOW, what a difference!! My corals frikin LOVE the Radion Pro. From day 1! Running it at 80% on a 93g cube. The UV LED's make this light worth the $ in my opinion. The only flaws are in the software which to be honest, i am not 100% in love with. For this kind of $ the whole thing should be wireless & but i am rating the system 4.5 stars & in my opinion its the best LED system on the market ... THANX!

New to LED lights Product Review by TIM FOSTER (Posted on 11/10/13)

Comments: I have a 54 gallon corner tank, what a different experience. No more just off and on with lights, and these talk to my EcoTech MP10 pumps as well. They are new to me yet so coral growth has yet to be determined. Over all so far so good. I give them a 4 only because of the lack of time that I have had them.

Nice light, terrible SW Product Review by LEN HANNON (Posted on 10/23/13)

Comments: I replaced my MH fixture with 3 of the PROs on my 215 gal bow front. I have to say that after a week my corals are happier with the new spectrum, and my fish seem indifferent. I know I am going to love my electric bill because my chiller has not turned on once since the replacement. My only disappointment so far is the control software (EchoSmartLive). It has a big BETA symbol on the web page, and I now know why. It is very finicky and has more bugs than I can list here. The most aggravating is opening the page to find that my last changes are not shown. I also don't really have confidence that what is downloaded is what is displayed in my configuration view. Hopefully they continue to improve this because I think it would be a solid 5 star product once my confidence is built up. Overall it met my objectives of providing quality light for my corals while reducing the electricity used for MH bulbs and a chiller. Discounted to 3 stars due to price and my expectation that "buggy" SW would not be part of the deal.

NOT FOR QUALITY Product Review by TOM (Posted on 10/21/13)

Comments: Hello guys
I'm an expert aquarist . After research all different brands i decide to stick with ecotech, sound like the best one in the market.i spent $2200 for three led light.I hooked up after receive the order, very bright clean look look fine for me,After few months using the lights i noticed that the coral grow slowly not like what i expected. one day i woke up in the morning two of the light went out. i call them about the problem then they send me the replace and i have to send back the two broken one. I had to run the tank with one light for about 10 days my coral was dying. finally the replacements came in .i took them out of the box and thought i have a new replacement but them sent me 2 old cheap refurbish one for the price of the new one. before the send out i have to pay $700 . few day laters they call me told me that i have water in the adapter so they not gonna return the money.i was so mad cause i know this is not water things, after all the hassle over the phone the only pay me back 275. customer service was bad even the product still in warranty period. i would not recommend this product to anyone since their quality not good either their customer service.

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