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Nutramar Ova Fish Food 100g
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Nutramar Ova Fish Food 100g

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There is no need to worry about finding the perfect feed for your growing fish now that the new Nutramar Ova Fish Food has finally become available. Made from lobster eggs rich in protein and other nutrients, Nutramar Ova Fish Foo...
Product Description

Nutramar Ova Fish Food 100g Information

There is no need to worry about finding the perfect feed for your growing fish now that the new Nutramar Ova Fish Food has finally become available. Made from lobster eggs rich in protein and other nutrients, Nutramar Ova Fish Food from Pet Store is the perfect feed for most young fish, anthias, small gobies, seahorses and even corals and filter-feeding invertebrates, because it has been proven effective in the growth of these little fish.

These prawn eggs have been made natural and packed with a little amount of water, making them thick and solid enough to travel long enough in water to feed your pets. Unlike most feeds, these are made from natural components that any type of fish could quickly adapt to and go crazy about. Immediate reactions to the feed can be easily seen when you feed Ova to your pet.

The new Nutramar Ova fish food comes in 100 grams, in air-tight packaging, to help preserve the prawn egg's freshness. The product can last up until two years just sitting on your shelf. It can also be refrigerated and boiled to help keep it preserved and fresh, assuring you a long enjoyment of the product. This feed is pathogen-free, making your fish not only happier and satisfied, but safer and healthier.

Nutramar Ova Prawn Eggs

There have been many requests recently for the discontinued TMC Gamma Lobster Eggs. This food is now called Ova and offered under the Nutramar line of premium foods. Gamma Lobster Eggs and Nutramar Ova are the same food, simply with different packaging and a different name. OVA is an ideal food for anthias, dragonets, pipefish, seahorses, nano-sized gobies, most juvenile fish species, filter-feeding invertebrates and corals! Ova is very rich in protein and natural HUFA`s, this nutritious food is a must have when rearing fishes of nearly any species in the larval and post-larval stage.

Nutramar Ova is made from all natural prawn eggs. These eggs are highly nutritious and are an ideal size for feeding corals and smaller fish. Ova makes soft corals, small and large polyp scleractinia (SPS and LPS) go wild, as feeding responses in most species can be seen almost instantly! Ova has also been used to successfully feed Mandarin gobies andpipefish as well as other well known finicky eaters. Ova eggs are packaged with a minimal amount of water making them extremely dense, a little goes a long way in feeding your aquarium. Ingredients: Saltwater shrimp eggs, water.

Nutramar is a new and exciting food product for the fish and aquarium industry. Made from 100% all natural food sources, Nutramar products elicit voracious feeding behaviors in fish and invertebrates. Unlike flake and other processed foods, Nutramar is the real thing, ensuring your fish adapt and thrive in their captive habitat. Nutramar Micra and Juva are sealed in air tight containers, maximizing freshness and giving them a shelf life of up to two years. It is recommended that Micra and Juva should be refrigerated after opening to preserve freshness. The cans are ideal for mid-large scale facilities, such as fish stores, public aquariums, aquaculture facilities, and larger home aquaria.

Pathogen free: Micra and Juva undergo a unique par boiling process where they are quickly placed in boiling water for a short period of time and then removed and rapidly cooled to prevent further cooking. This process simultaneously preserves freshness and nutritional content while eliminating any pathogens.

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Nutramar Ova Fish Food 100g Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

neutramar ova Product Review by HUNG VO (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: my fish loves it specially my scooter blenny recommended

Amazing Product Review by JASON FALCONER (Posted on 11/1/13)

Comments: Great food for finicky eaters!! My new potter's wrasse started eating the ova as soon as it hit the water column. Would highly recommend nutramar ova for finicky fish. All my other fish love it as well!

bought for my green mandarin Product Review by JUSTIN JOYCE (Posted on 9/23/13)

Comments: the item was well packed in a cooler with ample ice packs.

as stated by many of the other reviewers, my mandarin loves it. she took a few days to really go after it, at first she would just pick, but once she figured it out she is very enthusiastic about it.

now when i shut the pumps off to get ready to feed, she makes sure she is always right near her feeder and starts munching right away, which is excellent. this is the first thing she has been enthusiastic about eating aside from pods. she would eat some cyclop-eeze, and sometimes snag a pellet or two, but she pigs out on this stuff.

Nutramar Ova Prawn Eggs Product Review by MEL KEIM (Posted on 7/4/13)

Comments: The pair of Mandarin go nuts for the Nutramar Ova Prawn Eggs
This product will last quite a while because of the small amount used to feed them. I have plenty of pods in the tank but they just love the prawn eegs as a number 1 food.

Mandarin is fat and happy! Product Review by KEITH KAUFFMANN (Posted on 2/21/13)

Comments: Tank is finally mature enough, so we got a green mandarin. Have copepods, but just ensuring the diet, wanted to get a frozen food he would like. This is it! He hangs out in the back of the tank, so I use my sea squirt to shoot it back in his area, and he loves it. Doesn't take much to feed him, either, so it looks like the three packs I bought should last about six months. Don't have any reservations about buying this, it is an excellent product.

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