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Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing / Ft
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Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing / Ft

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Have you ever experienced installing several devices on your tank to find out later that the accumulation of these machines is putting too much strain on the glass case? Are the tubes, which come with your gadgets shorter than wha...
Product Description

Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing / Ft Information

Part #: 23.054

Have you ever experienced installing several devices on your tank to find out later that the accumulation of these machines is putting too much strain on the glass case? Are the tubes, which come with your gadgets shorter than what you've expected? If so, then the Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing/Ft from Pet Store is exactly what you need to guarantee the exact arrangement of cleaning instruments, which you like, without endangering the structure of your aquarium. This specific equipment can be utilized for more chemical processes, as well.

While this product comes in a roll, you will see that every foot is perforated, allowing you to tear or cut easily when you need to. Each foot is stamped with the brand name, as well. The tube can withstand the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays, and it is designed to last permanently, assuring you that the pipes will not harden overtime or fall apart. What's great about this equipment is that it is constructed to tolerate the exposure to certain substances that cause thinner tubes to melt instantly. This makes it suitable for chemical cleaning processes, particularly those that involve ozonizers.

Assembling your devices in such a way that they will not touch your aquarium, as well as establishing a consistent chemical process without having to change your cylinders, is now made possible by utilizing the Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing/Ft.

This Norprene tubing is ozone-safe and will not crack or harden. It is the best choice for an ozonizer.

  • Modify the cart quantity to increase the length of your tubing.
  • Tubes are cut to size on a per-order basis and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. We apologize for any inconvenience.

**Variations of this product can be found in many online stores. The version we carry is of the highest quality. Although this item is eligible for price matching under our Low Price Guarantee, please be certain the product you want to price match is the same make and model.

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Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing / Ft Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Perfect for what I needed Product Review by NATHAN HARRIS (Posted on 2/25/14)

Comments: Perfect for feeding my ozonator into my ASM G2 Skimmer.....same size OD and ID as the hose that came with the skimmer

Works Fine Product Review by GREGORY BAKER (Posted on 4/28/09)

Comments: This tubing works fine. It is quite thick and I needed to enlarge the diameter of some pass through holes here & there. The hard part was finding an ozone safe check valve. I finally found one that will work at a pool supply house.

Functional, but.... Product Review by SDguy (Posted on 10/14/07)

Comments: This stuff was clearly not designed for aquarium use. It has a very large O.D. and therefore will not fit on any standard aquarium device with a collar around the nipple. Forget about using it with anything like a John Guest fitting either. I actually had to insert a small piece of airline tubing into each end to be able to connect it to my ozonizer and my skimmer's beckett injector. At $2.50 per foot, I was expecting a more aquarium equipment compatible type of tubing. FYI, the O.D. is about 3/8", and the I.D. is about the same as airline tubing, only slightly larger.

Ozone Safe Norprene Tubing Product Review by JFK (Posted on 10/28/13)

Comments: The tubing would fit on Enaly Ozone Generator but was too big to allow air to be drawn into Reef Octopus LX2000s silencer. If you block the silencer completely you decease air intake and increase flow rate past 250GPH which it is designed for. It was also too big for Red Sea Ozone Generator with built in controller. The three (3) feet lengths (two of them) send in Enaly Ozone generator are medical grade silicone tubing. They arrive folded to tight so I had to wrap them around a five gallon bucket for a week. I also had to be careful not to extend any curve to more than a 1/4 of a circle, or silicone tubing would crimp closing tubing more than you want.

The tubing sent was not useable at all, looked like it was made for the auto industry that use them for turbo chargers (not kidding).

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