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PikStik TelescoPik Aquarium AquaTongs
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PikStik TelescoPik Aquarium AquaTongs

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Item #: QF63044

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Are you tired of changing your clothes or drying yourself off after you've cleaned your aquarium or pond? Do you wish that there was a way that you can maintain your tank without directly reaching into the water? If so, then the P...
Product Description

PikStik TelescoPik Aquarium AquaTongs Information

Part #: T-3044

Are you tired of changing your clothes or drying yourself off after you've cleaned your aquarium or pond? Do you wish that there was a way that you can maintain your tank without directly reaching into the water? If so, then the Pikstik Telescopik Aquarium Aquatongs from Pet Store could be your newest best friend. This product is especially made for that purpose. With this product on hand, you can reach the deepest corners of your aquarium without getting wet.

The Pikstik Telescopik Aquarium Aquatongs is quite durable, but it still possess a certain level of flexibility, which makes it easier for you to access tight spots and corners, especially when it comes to uneven-shaped ponds. You can use this to decorate the bottom of your aquarium with its easy-to-use grip handles. The length of this product can also be adjusted according to your liking.

The Pikstik Telescopik Aquarium Aquatongs is a great tool to use not only in decorating, but also in cleaning. This is especially true if you need to remove large pieces of debris, seaweed, and algae accumulation from the sides of your pond or aquarium.

Grab yourself a pair of the Pikstik Telescopik Aquarium Aquatongs today, and you will be happy to see that you don't need to get your hands wet anymore when you're maintaining your tank.

TelescoPik® Introducing the World's first adjustable length reacher!The TelescoPik is the most versatile reacher ever. With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft, the TelescoPik adjusts from 30- 44 - making everything within easy reach.Great for ponds and large aquariums
  • Constructed with strong aluminum and polycarbonate materials for superior performance and extended long term durability.
  • Unique design of the 5 ½" wide jaws allows it to rotate 90 degrees in order to fit into tight and awkward spaces.
  • Jaws also include a foam rubber insert that enables it to hold objects as small as a dime.
  • Ergonomic trigger grip can lift objects weighing up to five pounds.

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PikStik TelescoPik Aquarium AquaTongs Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Awesome Tongs Product Review by SAM LAPONZA (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This product seems to be made really well and works great. I have used others that have been quickly corroded by saltwater and fell apart. These tongs are very smooth to operate and are easy to use with very small and fairly large tank items. Make sure you lay them sideways or put in a small dish to drain because they do drip for a while, but they are worth the trouble.

Quality tongs Product Review by GERARD LARIOS (Posted on 3/24/11)

Comments: I've used a couple of other tongs that were in the $10-20 dollar range and all failed within a year with regular use. So far I'm very happy with these tongs. They're a bit bulkier than others, but the construction quality is there and I'm fairly confident that they'll last longer than the others.

Great Stik Product Review by SHANNON PENCE (Posted on 9/25/10)

Comments: This is the bee knees, after having two other products that rusted. The materials and telescoping function smoothly what more could you ask for in a pikstik? Wished I would have purchased this the first time around.

PikStik TelescoPik Product Review by SYLVIA DAPRIX (Posted on 5/31/11)

Comments: I like the long reach of these tongs, but they are not as strong as I had hoped for moving pots around the bottom of my pond. They are helpful in moving my koi kastles and picking up small debris fromt the bottom of the pond. I also found them useful for picking up garter snakes and relocating them to the brush across the street!

Only works fully extended Product Review by CHRIS CHAPIN (Posted on 12/25/12)
Below Average

Comments: After a few uses, it will only work if it is fully extended. I suspect the problem is that either salt residue or a rusted internal part is the problem. When I checked the manufacturer's web page, they don't mention using for aquarium use, but the plastic (non-extendable) models are.

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