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Pond Pumps

We have a wide variety of pumps for your pond including, external pumps, submersible pumps as well as replacement parts. A good selection from popular manufacturers such as Danner, Hagen-Laguna, Reeflo, Tetrapond and W. Lim Corp.

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  1. T1500 Torpedo Pump

    Torpedo Pump

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    A first of its kind pump that offers a variety of features designed enticingly for the pond enthusiast’s satisfaction is what T1500 Torpedo Pump from Pet Store is all about. It is powerful but lightweight and has a unique flo...
  2. T4000 Torpedo Pump

    T4000 Torpedo Pump

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    A pump is a very important part of an aquarium. Water needs to circulate inside the tank for oxygenation and filtration- two processes that keep your tank healthy and clean for your fish and plants - and the only way to do that in...

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