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Algae or pH levels got you down? Whether you need help with algae control, bacteria, pH levels or you're simply looking for a water conditioner, we have a complete line of additives and conditioners to help you keep your pond successful.

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  1. PondCare AlgaeFix 8oz

    PondCare® AlgaeFix

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    Product Highlight(s): Effective algae control formula for ponds & fountains The preferred pond algae solution of experts & hobbyists alike For planted water gardens & well-aerated koi ponds Not avail...
  2. PondCare® AlgaeFix (1 Gallon)

    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API AlgaeFix (1 Gallon)

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    If you're dealing with an algae infested pond, you know how much of a hassle it is. Not only do algae blanket the bottom and the sides of your pond, but it also makes the water murky. Heavy algae blooms in a pond can impact the ox...

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