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Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer
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Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer

This product has been discontinued

Item #: PM1111

Quick Overview

The Bullet-1 is the youngest brother of the Bullet Line. Make no mistake, while it’s the smallest, the Bullet-1 is a potent skimmer. Efficient to 150g, we challenge you to find a more powerful skimmer built like this one. Can you ...
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Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer Information

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The Bullet-1 is the youngest brother of the Bullet Line. Make no mistake, while it’s the smallest, the Bullet-1 is a potent skimmer. Efficient to 150g, we challenge you to find a more powerful skimmer built like this one. Can you say.... “value?”

The Precision Marine Bullet 1 protein skimmer uses a Beckett Foam injector to create copious amounts of foam. Somewhat compact at less than 20" this skimmer will handle systems up to 150 gallons. Best when used with a Sen 900, Mag Drive 12, or comparable pump.

Bullet-1 features:
  • ALL Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Adjustable Air Intake
  • Extra-Thick Keyholed Cup Flanges
  • Optional SPEARS s/80 Gate Valve/Super-Smooth, no cheap screws to rust!
  • Waste Collector Compatible
  • Built to the Precision Marine Quality Standard!
  • Dimensions: 9" x 5.25" x 20" (requires an additional 1" for removal of collection cup)


Precision Marine Bullet-1 Protein Skimmer:
  • Overall Height: 20"
  • Base Dimensions 5.25" x 9"
  • Inlet Size: 1" Barb
  • Outlet Size: 1.5" FPT
  • Required Clearance: 1"
  • Suggested Water Pump: Sen 900, Mag Drive 12
  • Recommended Capacity: 150 gal


1 year manufacturer warranty


Back to InjectorsAll Precision Marine Bullet Series use the injector pictured to the left. The entire injector disassembles for complete and thorough cleaning. While the entire injector assembly is completely removable, once the injector body is threaded onto your skimmer, it never has to come off! The custom machined Precision Marine, lid simply twists on and off making a positive seal. You can either hard plumb to your pump, or use the supplied insert elbow to adapt to 1” flexible tubing. No dangling plumbing hanging off the side of your injector. You’ll be impressed by the quality, functionality and performance of the entire Bullet Series of Protein Skimmers from Precision Marine.

  • Custom-Made Integrated Union Lid
  • Ozone Port w/ cap
  • High Quality Air Valve
  • JG Speedfit Connectors
  • 1” Insert 90 (for flexible tubing)
  • Custom Made Precision Marine Muffler
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Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Awsome Product Review by SCOTT FIELDS (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This skimmer is as good as they claim it is. You would not believe the crap it is pulling out of my system and I had another skimmer running before this one.
I would recommend this skimmer to all my friends.

bulletproof Bullet 1 Product Review by wrasse3113 (Posted on 12/22/12)

Comments: PM Bullet 1 skimmer came with a complete tank setup I purchased 6 months ago. 75g tank + 30g sump has been running on this great skimmer for over 3 years now. Skims like a champ, produces thick dark skimmate, easy to clean, quiet. Design gives you flexibility: run either externally or in-sump, & can use whatever pump you prefer - no "special" pump needed, just run with a pump that meets manufacturer's recommended flow rates. Currently running on an equally bulletproof Mag 12 pump. Highly recommend this skimmer.

The Best skimmer. Product Review by MARK (Posted on 5/23/12)

Comments: Superlative Quality + performance.
Don't be cheap on the pump either.
I have The Bullet 1 on a 165 gal mixed reef.
I use ozone. My buds always state how clear my water is.
No abundance of chunks floating around, well scrubbed.
Buy one, you will not regret it.

Precision Marine Bullet 1 Skim Product Review by ERIC MORRIS (Posted on 3/4/12)

Comments: I bought the Bullet One skimmer for use on an Oceanic 76 gallon half cylinder tank. Precision's provided dimensions of the skimmer are not accurate, as they do not count the side-mounted gate valve or PVC elbow. DOUBLE WIDTH DIMENSIONS THEY PROVIDE! Make sure you have enough room in your stand! I ended up having to drill a hole in my sump for the elbow to enter and a wood box for the skimmer to sit up high enough. The owner's manual (download only) was outdated, poorly illustrated, and weakly written. Customer service was prompt and helpful.

The skimmer unit itself is very high quality, the Becket air injector provides excellent skimming bubbles, and everything's easy to take apart and clean. The unit quickly and thoroughly skims. The PanX100 pump (not provided, but recommended by Precision) was expensive but totally quiet, however, the return water from the skimmer is noisy as it dumps into the sump and it took multiple sponges to dampen the noise and bubbles.

I'd buy another without hesitation.

BEST SKIMMER EVER Product Review by RAYMOND REGANATO (Posted on 4/6/10)

Comments: Well everything that they say is true. This is the best protein skimmer I have ever had. I have used several protein skimmers in the past, and it was always a problem keeping them dialed in to produce foam. They say in the manual that the skimmer needs one to two days for break in. Well within a few hours it had a column of foam that I can't believe. Its pulling stuff out of my tank when the other skimmer was sitting there making nothing. It's worth the money. I can't wait to see the difference in my water quality as time goes on.
I would recommend this to anyone/everyone

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