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Prodibio BIOPTIM - 6 Vials
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Prodibio BIOPTIM - 6 Vials

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Keep your aquariums clean and clear with the use of the Prodibio Bioptim from Pet Store . This solution comes in six vials that can effectively rid your tanks with harmful algae. Together with the Bio Digest, the Bioptim assures ...
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Keep your aquariums clean and clear with the use of the Prodibio Bioptim from Pet Store. This solution comes in six vials that can effectively rid your tanks with harmful algae. Together with the Bio Digest, the Bioptim assures your aquatic inhabitants with pure and safe water that keeps them healthy and productive.

This solution contains the right amount of concentrations of micro-nutrients and trace elements found in natural water. These nutrients can accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes up to 10 times than the normal rate. These organisms can then feed on the aquarium waste. The Bio Digest complements this solution by enabling the organisms to digest the wastes faster. Together, they reduce the phosphates and nitrates to prevent the proliferation and growth of algae.

The Prodibio Bioptim restores the quality of your water making your tank a better place for your invertebrates and other livestock to live in. This solution is effective to use in both freshwater and reef or marine water applications. It can also be applied in any size of tank carrying any amount of water. Since bacteria do not reproduce at the same rate, it is recommended that you maintain the best proportions or about one ampoule of the solution every fortnight.

In the waste products of the aquarium, micro-organisms that enable bacterial to digest optimally are often lacking. They have already been retained or eliminated during a previous biological transformation in the aquarium.

BIOPTIM Marine provides bacteria with all the missing micro-nutrients: trace elements, selected amino acids, natural vitamins (Riboflavin) and surface agents from plants to facilitate absorption of the components by the cells.

BIOPTIM Marine OPTIMALLY dynamizes the work of the aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria present in the aquarium. BIOPTIM Marine enables, by the increase and dynamization of these bacteria, a reduction in nitrates, phosphates and carbohydrates, a decrease in silt, mulm and filamentous algae, and an improvement to the quality of the water.

BIOPTIM Marine reduces the BOD biological oxygen demand and therefore contributes to a raised Redox potential. The Probiotic effect of BIOPTIM Marine also reduces bacterial infections and mycosis.

BIOPTIM Marine in combination with BIO DIGEST revitalizes your aquarium. The result is a clean tank, healthy fish, vigorous plants, and flourishing invertebrates.

Product will affect dissolved oxygen levels in your aquarium; the use of an air stone may be required.
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Prodibio BIOPTIM - 6 Vials Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Great Product! Product Review by MATT (Posted on 10/13/10)

Comments: I have been keeping reef tanks successfully for over ten years. This is the only additive that I have ever used that caused a nearly immediate (within days) and noticeable change. I have been very successful with keeping water parameters consistent and testing within limits in all categories, yet still have some trouble with some species of SPS. The combination of BioDigest, Bioptim, and Reefbooster have made all the difference in my tanks. I highly recommend this product to experienced reefers who can keep water parameters consistently high, yet have trouble with some species.

Bioptim Product Review by CARL GREEN (Posted on 8/22/08)

Comments: Great product. If you can buy Bio Clean by the same company, it has more benefits. If you have to choose, this is the strongest of the Bio Clean duo. Please see my review for Bio Clean.

Great Product Product Review by NICHOLAS SADAKA (Posted on 12/3/07)

Comments: Bioptim and all the other Prodibio products are great investments in my book. Any time you can dose or do something to your aquarium and literally SEE a positive change, it's something you want to observe closely. I did so with the Prodibio products and have seen a positive change enough times after dosing that I am convinced that it is that product which is making positive changes. Biodigest, Bioptim and Reefbooster is a must for anyone with a reef tank. Great products. Be careful when breaking amp though, you can (and I have) get cut-wrap in a napkin before breaking.

PRODIBO A MUST ! Product Review by MIKE ROGERS (Posted on 8/11/07)

Comments: I've been using ALL their products since I set up a new 180 gallon REEF TANK.it's gorgeous and stunning after only 7 months using ALL PRODIBO PRODUCTS .I use it religiously every week and will continue-the proofs in the pudding and this stuff is GREAT REGARDS MIKE ROGERS

Dont buy Product Review by Kash (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I tried this on a 60G tank and the ammonia level only increased. Try right now bacteria. That works better.

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