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Prodibio REEF BOOSTER - 6 Vials
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Prodibio REEF BOOSTER - 6 Vials

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Taking care of a coral reef is not an easy task. Corals need a lot of nutrients to grow well and stay healthy. Corals definitely requires high maintenance. However, the payoff is worth it. Corals, when in optimum health, are beaut...
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Corals—even hard zooxanthellae carrying coral that feeds on light—need nutritional supplements.

REEF BOOSTER has been developed with aquaculture experts on the basis of high performance products used to start up crustacean, mollusk, and bivalve larvae. It is a high quality micro feed that provides corals with all nutrient supplements they require, including omega-3, to maintain their color.

REEF BOOSTER favors the development of corals, clams and micro-fauna and the reduction of nitrates and phosphates by feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria on live rock. Its ampoule packaging allows very long conservation and complete use of all the product.

After a few weeks, hermatypic corals—Plerogyra and Euphyllia—expand and the ahermatypic polyps—Scleronephtya and tubastraea—Gorgonians, inflate. Corals thus stabilize their coloration.

Average Dose: Each week add 1amp per 400liters or (105gal)
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Prodibio REEF BOOSTER - 6 Vials Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Unbelievable Products Product Review by EDWARD AHL (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I have been using Prodibio supplements for over a year and have tried many different products over the 35 years in the saltwater hobby. I use all the Prodibio supplements in my Reef Tank and the results are unbelievable. My corals grow so fast that I am constantly trimming them which is a great problem to have. These are the easiest supplements to use and well worth the money. I would recommend this product to everyone! Your reef will look amazing and everything in your tank will trive!

wow.. Product Review by JOHN ZITTEL (Posted on 12/19/11)

Comments: This is a pricey product, but each ampule contains a lot of food in it. If you are going to use it for smaller tanks, or tanks that aren't stocked to the hilt, I would not break the ampule into the water but instead into a sealed container, feed some, and refrigerate the rest. There is a little something for everyone in each ampule. No one goes hungry.

Amazing but expensive Product Review by ROSALBA GARCIA DE VILLASENOR (Posted on 1/20/10)

Comments: I don't normally feed my corals. I have perfect stable parameters, calcium reactor, ATO, and HQIs. My corals look amazing except for some that do not have that great polyp extension and some acros which turn yellow-green instead of green, and green monti caps turning cream colored.

Well, I bought just one vial of reef booster, fed it to the tank at night and turned the skimmer off for the night. The day after I checked on one of the cream colored monti caps and now it had some tan on it!, as if gaining a bit of colour just from yesterday's night use of reef booster.

Now I'm going to start feeding my tank at night many times a week, this product is great, but its very expensive.

Great improvement Product Review by MATTHEW BRAY (Posted on 7/10/09)

Comments: An excellent food source for the tank. After using for several weeks, seeing a noticeable improvement in corals and other invertebrates like sponges.

WOW! Product Review by ROGER TISDALE (Posted on 3/5/08)

Comments: Have a 180g reef and have used this product for 4 weeks. My favia & favites seem to burst with color and life for 3-4 days after use. Acros & monties respond well also.

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