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Home » Aquarium Supplies  » Additives & Supplements  » Bio Additives  »  Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture for Marine and FW Aquaria 500ml / 17oz
Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture for Marine and FW Aquaria 500ml / 17oz

Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture for Marine and FW Aquaria 500ml / 17oz

Average Rating 4.5 24
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Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture for Marine and FW Aquaria 500ml / 17oz Information

Product Manuals & Documentation

All of your aquatic cleaning needs now come at an affordable, seventeen-ounce bottle. The Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7 from Pet Store is an ideal product that will keep your tank cleaner and clearer for a longer time. This will save you the time and energy to maintain the aquarium, and it allows you to focus your attention to more important things.

The Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7 does its work once it comes in contact with the water. Like a protein skimmer, it effectively dissolves the quantities of harmful substances like carbon, phosphate, and ammonia. In the case of some chemicals, this product will transform them into tangible particles, which can easily be sieved by a filter.

The Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7 also cleans up after your reef inhabitants. It removes the water from the debris and particles that resulted from the dissolution of your fish food. By doing this, it can keep your tank water clearer. You only need to pour a small dosage of this product to experience its positive effects. It will not harm your aquatic inhabitants, nor will it change the condition of your water.

Say hello to a newer, more efficient, and non-time-consuming method of cleaning your tank with the Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7.

  • Complex system of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microbes, as well as natural enzymes, specifically formulated to establish biological filtration in new aquarium set-ups, and to enhance the rate of nitrification, denitrification, and organic waste degradation in marine and freshwater aquaria through complete nutrient remineralization.
  • Benefits are:
    1. Rapid reduction of organic carbon, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate.
    2. Digestion of uneaten/undigested food, excreta, detritus, and other latent organic material, resulting in cleaner and healthier aquarium substrate (without having to physically clean or disturb the substrate bed).
    3. Reduction of organic compounds into nutrients that encourage the growth of photosynthetic organisms (e.g. zooxanthellae, macroalgae, plants).
    4. Greatly-reduced hydrogen sulfide production.
    5. Increase in dissolved oxygen concentration.
    6. Limits availability of pre-existing phosphate to undesirable forms of algae and cyanobacteria.
    7. Increased water clarity.
  • Supplied in a state of suspended animation for maximum longevity.
  • Formulated utilizing extensive data compiled by microbiologists.
Technical Background
The concentration of dissolved and particulate organic materials in any aquatic environment can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of, as well as the health of organisms residing within, that system. Relatively low-nutrient environments are characterized by high water clarity, lack of unpleasant odors, and absence of microalgae and cyanobacteria; this is collectively a result of the lack of nitrogen-, phosphorus-, and carbon-based waste available. Aquaria that are relatively rich in available nutrients have characteristics opposite to the afore-mentioned, and are typically not desirable because of the resultant appearance of the system and the difficulty of maintaining healthy aquarium inhabitants.
Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 is a selective complex of extremely effective microbes and enzymes that rapidly reduces the concentrations of organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and organic carbon in all marine and freshwater ecosystems, leading to greatly improved water quality; better water quality typically leads to healthier aquarium inhabitants. MicroBacter7 does not require refrigeration, however storage in a cool, shaded area will prolong the activity, and maximize the shelf-life, of the product.

Instructions and Guidelines:
Shake product well before using. Mix appropriate volume of MicroBacter7 (see below) with 250-ml (~8 fl. oz.) of aquarium water in a clean container prior to addition to aquarium. If using a pipette to dispense MicroBacter7 below water level of container or aquarium, be sure to thoroughly clean pipette with fresh water prior to placing tube back into MicroBacter7 bottle; failure to do so will contaminate the product. Best results may be obtained by adding mixture to external biological filtration system (if applicable). Do not add to pump intake port(s). For best results, use within 1-year of purchase date. Grossly overdosing MicroBacter7 will not significantly increase the effectiveness of the product, nor the rate at which it enacts changes in aquaria. The following recommendations are based upon extensive testing and will produce the best results in most aquaria.

Medium- to High-nutrient Systems, or to seed Biological Filtration in new aquaria: To effectively decrease the concentration of available nutrients and waste material in all marine and freshwater aquaria, add 5 ml (1 capful) per 25 US-gallons (94.6 L) [˜4 drops per gallon (3.8 L)] of aquarium water daily for the first two weeks of use; the impact that MicroBacter7 has on an aquarium is most evident within this period. Turn protein skimming and UV-sterilization off for a period of 4 hours following addition to aquaria. A noticeable differe

Manufacturer Info

Brightwell Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
The goal of Brightwell Aquatics is to provide the absolute highest quality, scientifically-sound products and customer service of any aquarium water care manufacturer, and to do it all in a straight-forward and honorable fashion. All Brightwell products are formulated by marine scientists with a passion for the aquarium hobby. They utilize the highest purity ingredients in concentrations that provide the most use to hobbyists. Nearly all Brightwell Aquatics products are over 99.9% pure. The usage guidelines of Brightwell Aquatics products are written in plain language but the company is always available to answer consumer questions. All products are lot numbered for quality control and customer service.

Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter7 - Complete Bioculture for Marine and FW Aquaria 500ml / 17oz Reviews

Average Rating
(24 reviews)
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of 3

Macrobacter 7

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 5/30/2014 from GLENDALE
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: Had the smaller "trial" sixe that I received from a L.F.S in my town based on their recommendation. I bout the small bottle, took it home, did a 25gal water change & then added 20ml to the running system - water clarity improved with 30 minutes and over the course of a few weeks dosing according the instruction - the hair algae had such a reduction, the cleanup crews were finally ahead of the Hair Algae and kept it under control...

3 of 3 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Good product

Reviewers Rating Average

Posted: 1/26/2014 from AMNEVILLE, FRANCE
3.0 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: Good product

1 of 5 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

It really works

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 1/2/2014 from Fallbrook, CA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: It works great and no bad smell been useing it for a week had water tested at store its right where it should be, for a new 40 gal. set up. Easy to use. 2 full caps every day, for a week, then 2 capful 2 times per week. For a 40 gal. Easy instructions.

2 of 2 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Brightwell Microbacter 7

Reviewers Rating Great

Posted: 12/5/2013 from DENVER, CO UNITED STATES
4.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: Have been using the product for 4 days. I purchased it to mitigate brown slime. Too soon to tell.

0 of 6 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 10/3/2012 from AUSTIN, TX UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Beginner

Comments: SO FAR SO GOOD

1 of 8 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Great product!

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 7/18/2012 from Buena Park, CA
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I noticed a difference in water quality after a couple days of use. I use it in both my freshwater and saltwater tanks.

0 of 2 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

great product

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 4/28/2012 from DES MOINES, IA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I got MicroBacter7 a few months ago but hadn't used it. due to a vacation. when I got back I found the the tank sitter handed really checked the tank. with a massive water change and dosing this product my tank looked great again after only two weeks. I was very impressed. I got a second bottle to start a new larger tank I'm building with dry rock. Awesome product, easy to use.

0 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Excellent Product

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 10/16/2011 from LA PUENTE, CA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I've been using MB7 since I started my Reef Tank again 2 yrs ago. I have a mixed Reef with a heavy Bio load. Currently I dose 2.5ml daily to maintain beneficial bacterial counts in conjunction with my Bio Pellets Reactor. It helps to keep the reactor working at top efficiency, reducing Nitrates and Phosphate levels.Even without a Bio Pellets Reactor, it's a great product to use to maintain a healthier Marine Aquarium !!

2 of 2 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 9/28/2011 from SUNBURY, PA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I have used this product for years and I am very happy with the results.

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Good product

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 9/10/2011 from ELK GROVE, CA UNITED STATES
4.5 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: Really does a good job of getting the water clean. Keeps the hair algae down. Good price as well.

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

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