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External water pumps, available in a variety of sizes, may be used as return pumps (from a sump or wet/dry filter), for closed loop circulation or to drive a protein skimmer. A powerhead is a submersible water pump generally used for water circulation within an aquarium or to power a protein skimmer.

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  1. Hydor SELTZ L20 Pump 185 gph

    Hydor SELTZ Pump

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    If you want to install a power head or a wave maker that will assist your protein skimmer to remove dirt particles from your tank water, minus the huge chunk in the electricity bill, maybe it's time for you to reconsider your deci...
  2. Hydor SELTZ L30 Pump 320 gph

    Hydor SELTZ L30 Pump 320 gph

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    If you are looking for a multi-use centrifugal pump with exceptional features that is ideal for your marine or fresh water aquariums then the Hydor Seltz L30 Pump 320 GPH from Pet Store is what you are looking for. The pump is s...

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