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External water pumps, available in a variety of sizes, may be used as return pumps (from a sump or wet/dry filter), for closed loop circulation or to drive a protein skimmer. A powerhead is a submersible water pump generally used for water circulation within an aquarium or to power a protein skimmer.

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  1. Taam Rio Plus 50 Powerhead/Pump

    Taam Rio (Rio+) Powerhead/Pump

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    Whether used for filtration, circulation or aeration (or a combination of both, or all three), there's no denying that an efficient powerhead is a necessity for aquariums. A filter, circulator, and aerator will not be able to per...
  2. Taam Rio+ 800 Powerhead/Pump

    Taam Rio+ 800 Powerhead/Pump

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    Settle for the high performance water pump in the market with the Taam Rio + 800 Powerhead/Pump from Pet Store . Powered by a state of the art magnetic rotor, this water pump can generate more with its high flow rate but it still...

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