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PURA Filtration Pad 1530 (15 inch x 30 inch)
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PURA Filtration Pad 1530 (15 inch x 30 inch)

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Eliminate unwanted wastes and dirt in your aquarium tank with the use of the Pura Filtration Pad from Pet Store . This is a pad, which measures at 15 inches in length by 30 inches in width that contains a powerful, Pura filtratio...
Product Description

PURA Filtration Pad 1530 (15 inch x 30 inch) Information

Part #: 00409

Eliminate unwanted wastes and dirt in your aquarium tank with the use of the Pura Filtration Pad from Pet Store. This is a pad, which measures at 15 inches in length by 30 inches in width that contains a powerful, Pura filtration system. This type of media includes Bet-GFH, which can totally remove phosphates in your aquarium in an instant. Without the presence of phosphates, scum formation in your aquarium is greatly reduced, if not totally eliminated.

The Pura Filtration Pad also contains PhosLock, which is a good eliminator of harmful elements than other removers like the Alpha-Ferric Hydroxide. It does not easily dissolve or break up, which could cause your water to become muddy, nor does it leak phosphates in your tank water.

The Pura Filtration Pad also eliminates any sign of toxin, heavy metal, and ammonia in aquarium water. This pad contains the strength of an entire spectrum of chemical filter that only Pura products possess. It is scientifically crafted with thick and thin fibers, and it contains five ounces/square foot of special media that can quickly trap debris.

The Pura Filtration Pad is perfect to use on ponds, as well as on power and canister filters. It can also be used for drip trays and refugiums. With this product, you can be sure that you will have a cleaner and healthier environment for your fish and aquatic inhabitants.

Groundbreaking filtration media at the right price. For Reef, Marine, Planted, and Fresh Water aquaria!

The PURA family of filtration media is formulated to reduce scum formation in fresh and marine aquaria.

All PURA products are formulated with Beta-GFH (Beta Ferric Oxide Hydroxide), the groundbreaking German made phosphate removing media that eliminates the primary nutrient of aquarium scum. PURA filtration products lead to a much cleaner and less labor-intensive aquarium, good for the animals, good for the hobbyist.

Hydrated Beta-GFH is vastly superior to white colored Alumina based phosphate removers and greatly superior to numerous Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides sold in dry form.

PURA PhosLock removes 45% more phosphates than Alumina media, and 20% more than Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides. Unlike Alumina, PhosLock never leaches phosphates back to the aquarium. Unlike competing Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides, PhosLock never disintegrates and never turns soft and muddy in aquarium water. PhosLock comes fully activated right out of the jar. PhosLock does not need a specialized reactor and can be easily confined and implemented in a fine meshed media bag.

PURA Filtration Pad
Full Spectrum Chemical Filtration & Massive Filtration Surface Area Removal of Phosphates, Organics, Toxins, Ammonia, Heavy Metals, Particulates Ideal for Reef, Plant, Fish, Marine, and Fresh Systems

PURA Filtration Pads offer all the filtration capabilities of PURA Complete in an easy to implement filter pad form. Technologically advanced and patented manufacturing technique allows for a inch thick pad impregnated with solid particles of media. This pad has a loose structure that resists premature clogging, contains thick and thin fibers to maximize fine filtration, contains a massive 5 ounces of media per square foot of pad, and has a debris trapping and indicating white overlay. This pad is ideal for wet/dry drip trays, power filters, canister filters, refugiums, and pond filters. Available in two generous sizes, PURA pads outperform all Poly pads. Equally important is what this pad does not have: no glues, no ash, and no binders. All 5 oz of media are fully utilizable for filtration. Used as directed, this product will maintain extremely low phosphate levels and extremely low levels of all aquarium pollutants

Highly effective and top performing in both chemical and mechanical filtrations, PURA Pads are ideal for wet/dry drip trays and canister applications. PURA Pads can easily be tucked into hang on back filters for superb chemical filtration. PURA Pads have the most highly varied and effective fiber matrix of any filter pad. Composed of a rich mixture of varied fiber lengths and thickness as well as of fibers of varied melting point, PURA Pads are thermally bonded to perfection and contain an astonishing 5 oz of media per square foot. Unlike mono fiber pads that are glued together with ash slurries, PURA Pads have regions of different densities. This unique characteristic offers extremely fine particulate filtration, resistance to premature clogging and media that is not coated with adheasives for 45% more effecient chemical filtration. PURA Pads offer a rich filtration environment unlike any other. The mix of premium granular media with its numerous pore structures and the complex fiber matrix with its variable fiber density make for a pad with a surface area thousands of times greater than any other filter pad.

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