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Red Sea CO2 Bio Refill
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Red Sea CO2 Bio Refill

This product has been discontinued

Item #: RS2243

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Includes the components for one month`s supply of CO2
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Red Sea CO2 Bio Refill Information

Includes the components for one month`s supply of CO2

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Red Sea CO2 Bio Refill Reviews

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Red Sea CO2 Refill/System Product Review by MICHAEL (Posted on 4/18/08)

Comments: I think people will be relying on this review so responsibly it MUST be clear, to the point, and accurately stated. I purchased the Red Sea CO2 System on 12/17/2007 because I wanted lush tropical plants. I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. My tank is a 12G Nano and it has always been filled with natural greenery...never more beautifully until CO2 was added. Now even the local fish store plants survive (like NEVER before) and flourish. It's amazing! CAUTION: This tiny system has a regulator for a purpose...too much CO2 is great for the plant life, but can be difficult for the fish. Understanding this concept is essential to the fish's survival. Based on the dial-type setting I have the unit producing the minimal amount of CO2 and this turns out plenty for my 12G tank, the cartridges also last for 6 weeks instead of the stated 4, and the fish are LOVING LIFE! I clean MUCH less tank algae and continue the same regiment of water changing. For the first time in roughly 3-years, I am NOW pruning plants and shaping the landscape determining which plants I wish to receive more light and growth faster. This has been an educational, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for my 3 kids and me. There is just so much more to love about owning a tank NOW. -MPs. I cannot imagine why, but these reviews might not allow email of telephone numbers. It should be included that the manufacturer's reps and Marine Depot were both helpful in answering my many questions at the start. The manufacturer's reps name is Paul, someone that enjoyed helping and should be called, (888) 733-7329.PPs.

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