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Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand  - Black
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Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand - Black

This product has been discontinued

Item #: RS5121

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Red Sea Max 130D - The Complete 34 Gallon Coral Reef System Red Sea is pleased to introduce the new Max 130D. The 130D includes numerous significant upgrades and improvements from the original Max 130, and reflects fe...
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Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand - Black Information

Product Manuals & Documentation

Part #: 40120

Red Sea Max 130D - The Complete 34 Gallon Coral Reef System
Red Sea is pleased to introduce the new Max 130D. The 130D includes numerous significant upgrades and improvements from the original Max 130, and reflects feedback received from thousands of Max owners, dealers and distributors since the original launch almost 2 years ago. You will readily appreciate the enhanced features of this new Max 130D over the original version, and the entire system is now easier to use, requires less maintenance and will give even higher performance levels.

The following key elements differentiate the Max Coral Reef System from other marine aquariums:

‘Reef Spec’ Lighting, Filtration, Skimming and Circulation: Extensive research and development carried out in our laboratories clearly shows that in order to sustain delicate hard corals such as SPS species, it is essential to meet certain criteria. This is especially true when we remember that many Max aquariums may be purchased by less experienced hobbyists.

Protein Skimming, Filtration & Circulation: Delivering reef spec performance of 3x per hour aquarium volume circulation, and more than a 3:1 water to air ratio, the Turbo injected protein skimmer now has a foam adjustment feature which makes it even easier to use over a wide range of water conditions. The filtration system has been improved to ensure less water flow restrictions. A full sized, adjustable surface skimmer pulls water from the top of the aquarium where most waste collects. This upgrade reduces maintenance and aids water flow through the filter, making air bubble release far less prevalent. New biological media, improved media bags and an upgraded foam filter ensures water flows more freely through the entire filter chamber. The 130D includes a fittings accessory kit which makes it simple to add a chiller, external filter etc.

Lighting: Reef Spec lighting of 4watts per gallon is controlled by a high quality timer and consists of upgraded twin 55w T5 Power Compact lamps giving 110 watts output. An additional fan is now included in order to aid cooling during hot periods.

New Cabinet & Color Options: Available in Black and Silver, the Max 130D has a redesigned cabinet, reflecting a modern look and incorporating improved air flow through the cabinet to aid chiller efficiency.
Red Sea MAX Aquarium
Upgrades and Improvements
  • Adjustable Overflow Box – Improved surface skimming
  • Increased LED Night Lights from 2 to 4
  • 3 stage hood opening – Addition of upright position for easier filter maintenance
  • Filter compartment water level viewer
  • Improved Protein Skimmer – Adjustable height neck allows for stable skimming over a wider range of conditions
  • Thicker rim around top of aquarium – allows for a bigger drop in water level due to evaporation without seeing water surface
  • Coarser Mesh for bio media bag – to reduce clogging
  • Coarser Foam filter material – to reduce clogging
  • Accessory Kit – Water inlet and outlet connectors for external devices such as chillers
  • Repositioning of Power Center cable to rear of the Aquarium
  • Anti-drip strip on Skimmer compartment cover
  • Easier to use Cable Channel Cover
  • Rounded corners on the front of hood
  • A new single, high efficiency 360 gph European manufactured pump
  • “Eye ball” multi-directional water outlet
Increased User Friendliness: The hood has been upgraded to allow 3-stage opening. It is now possible to fully open the hood for major maintenance to the aquarium. In addition the cable channel covers are now easier to use, and the main cord leaves the aquarium through a channel in the back of the aquarium rather than from the side. All of these upgrades improve the overall user-friendliness of the system. To further aid you, every Max 130D is supplied with a full length DVD that will guide you through the set up and maintenance of a MAX coral reef aquarium. 

Overview: The Red Sea Max 130D combines all the technology necessary to grom and maintain a healthy reef. The Max gives aquarists an opportunity to focus on the joy and beauty of the hobby rather than on the component selection and installation. Optimal lighting, filtration, temperature and circulation make reefkeeping easier than ever before and ensures maximum success for aquarists of all levels.

Filtration & Circulation
Reef Filtration & Circulation The Red Sea Max features a complete 4-stage reef filtration systems, designed to provide perfect water conditions for all reef inhabitants. An adjustable height surface skimmer (a) takes water from where the highest concentration of waste materials is found.

The turbo air injection skimmer developed specifically for the max circulates the water volume through the skimmer more than 3 times per hour at an air/water ratio of 1:3 providing ideal skimming specifications for a hard coral (SPS) reef aquarium. The unique foam adjuster(b) ensures that foam can be produced in all water conditions.

Mechanical filtration removes the large organic substances while Phosophate-free active carbon acts as a large chemical sponge; absorbing dissolved organic carbons from the water. Highly porous bio-media provides a huge surface area for nitrifying bacteria. Additional equipment such as a chiller or an external filter can easily be added with the accessory kit (c) supplies with each unit.
MAX 130D filtration & circulation unit
1 - Adjustable height surface skimmer
2 - Mechanical filter sponge
3 - Professional turbo protein skimmer/320 gph pump
4 - Compartment for chiller pump
5 - Access panel for chiller inlet/outlet tubes
6 - Thermostat-controlled heater
7 - Highly porous ceramic biological filter media
8 - Activated carbon chemical media
9 - A new single, high efficiency 360 gph European manufactured pump with “eye ball” multi-directional water outlet
10 - Water cooling fan

Reef Lighting
Complete Lighting System Complete Lighting System
  • 2x 55w 50/50 10,000K & Actinic T5 Power compact lamps
  • 4x LED Moonlights
  • Electronic Ballast
  • High polish textured aluminum reflector
  • Fan-cooled hood for extended life of electronic components
  • High transparency polished lens

Control Panels
Hood Control Panel Hood Control Panel
24h programmable lighting timer with integral on/off/auto switch as well as an On/Off switch for moonlights.
Main Control Panel Main Control Panel
Conveniently positioned water-proof power switches for all aquarium components.

3-Stage Accessibility
Hood Control Panel Stage 1 - Feeding
Full width front opening for feeding, monitoring and other light maintenance.

Stage 2 - Aquascaping
For aquascaping, the intire hood can be raised and secured at an angle that provides full light without glare

Stage 3 - Maintenance
For full access to both the aquarium and filtration compartments, the hood can be secured in an almost vertical position.

Tank Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 24 x 20 x 23.8" Hood opening 3 positions
Total Water Volume 34 gal Circulation pumps 1 x 360 gph
Aquarium Volume 29 gal Skimmer water throughput 100 gph
Filter Volume 5 gal Skimmer max air flow 32 gal
Glass Thickness 0.3" Skimmer foam adjuster yes
Cabinet (LxWxH) 24 x 20 x 32" Heater wattage 150W
Lighting 2 x 55W T5 Power Compact Mechanical filter yes
Lighting - 10,000K 55W Biological Filtration (active surface area) 1,200 sq ft/gal
Lighting - Actinic 55W Activated carbon 7 oz
Lighting - LED 4 Power center 5 outlets
Lighting timer Analog Water cooling fans yes w/ external power supply

Expert Reviews

Marine World Magazine -August / September 2008

There can be little doubt that Red Sea`s self contained range of marine aquaria, The Max, has taken the marine aquarium hobby by storm. Thousands of units have been sold worldwide giving both new marine aquarists and more experienced hobbyists a compact high spec and very capable system in which to keep their livestock. Obtaining perfection in such an aquarium is difficult and the differing requirements of aquarists can mean that they are tempted to tweak the equipment to meet their individual requirements.

Further to Red Sea`s excellent after-sales product support they are on the verge of launching an optional add-on to the Max aquarium. This is a surface skimmer enabling the organic material and algae that can form a slick on the surface waters of marine aquaria to be removed continually.

Surface debris, algae and protein slicks prevent the diffusion of gases so carbon dioxide can remain in the water and oxygen is prevented from dissolving into it. Light penetration is also reduced . Unmodified Max aquaria could facilitate skimming through adjustment of the moveable weir plate on the filter inlet but in most instances could not be left in this position as the pumps returning the water from the filters to the aquarium would eventually become starved of water and begin to blow bubbles into areas holding the livestock. Of course, this cannot be allowed to happen as bubbles irritate fish and can cause damage to invertebrates if they are allowed to persist next to their delicate tissues . Red Sea have developed an addon, retrofit surface skimmer that affords excellent removal of surface material for existing Max customers demanding more from their system.

The skimmer unit was installed onto a standard Max aquarium that had been established as a display aquarium for around six months. In that time surface build-up had been regular and required manual adjustment of the weir plate every couple of days so that it could be removed. The first thing to do during installation is to remove the existing adjustable plate. This is done quite ruthlessly by simply pulling it off. This leaves behind the slotted overflow guard. The new surface skimmer slots easily into the guard. Straight away it is obvious that the skimmer provides a massive edge for the capture of surface material.

The toothed rim means that even very small fish can be prevented from entering the surface skimmer. Within less than a minute the debris accumulated on the surface of the water w as removed, taken into the Max`s filter system for processing by the mechanical filters and protein skimmer. It`s as simple as that.

The surface skimmer is adjustable to an extent giving the aquarist fine control over its height. It certainly works well. At the time of writing the display Max has been running with this add-on for around 3 months with no obvious problems. We considered that pulling the water from the surface only might result in an accumulation of heavier detritus In the aquarium proper but this fear has not materialised. If we were to have one minor criticism it would be that the skimmer unit is large and casts a fairly significant shadow. For us this meant that a mush room rock that had been stretching impressively is now a little more restrained but aquarists should be aware that a little rearrangement of the livestock might be necessary. With such healthy flow rates in the system the skimmer needs to be large to permit the 1100 litres per hour pulled through by the pumps over its tines.

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Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand - Black Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Perfect! Product Review by KEVIN RANEY (Posted on 2/12/12)

Comments: If your looking to start a reef aquarium and dont want the trouble and hassle of buying individual components then look no further. I did the research for a long time and found this a much better system than ANY of the other plug-n-pray systems out there, hands down. It is also way better than any of the nano cubes out there which just have cheap parts in them. Red Sea really did all the homework for you and has put together a great system with quality components and took the time to do it right.

90 days later.... Product Review by TONY SHAW (Posted on 2/3/12)

Comments: I wanted to wait a few months rather than write a great review while still in the throws of newbie excitement.
Am 90 days in as my reef has cycled thorugh algae blooms & overstocking.
The aquarium is a solid piece of construction. Stand is high quality, and a nice looking piece of furniture. This is no low end system/stand. It takes a while to assemble the stand, but the end result is well worth it.
Positives are great look, quality build, protein skimmer and jets work well. Water quality is very good if just shy of perfect. All in one has minor drawbacks as getting to the charcoal filter media involves some disassembly of the hood, pumps everytime. To me, the sheer beauty of the unit makes up for that small issue.
I know have LPS/Many soft corals/inverts/fish prospering in the tank. Lighting seems sufficient, unless you are intent on having truly top of the line lighting. "Night lights" feature and timer work exceptionally well. As I live in central Texas (Austin) a chiller addition is mandatory, but the neccesary hardware is included to add that upgrade. My tank maintains at 78-80 with the house below 75 degrees. But anticipate a 2-3 degree spike due to the hight summer temps here.
I've put a pretty strong bio load on this system already & its functioning strong. I honestly couldn't be happier and recommend the Red Sea Max to anyone from beginner to vet.

A Great Tank Product Review by ED BONYAI (Posted on 12/3/09)

Comments: After reading numerous reviews and reef keeping forums, I decided to get the RSM and I'm glad I did.

All of the hardware is of top quality, all necessary parts came with the tank, nothing was damaged during shipping and setup was easy.

Everything needed to set up is included, salt, test kit, hydrometer, lighting, filter media, power heads, protein skimmer, everything but livestock.

The only thing I think can stand improvement is the water test kit. The one that I received was, I think =, expired because it showed incorrect ammonia and nitrate levels. I was getting the exact same levels of those chemicals even though I had added several Damselfish to help cycle the biological filter. I bought a different test kit and it agreed with the readings that the local fish store said I was getting.

Excellent Tank Product Review by CHAD ZENZEN (Posted on 2/8/09)

Comments: I would like to begin by saying that the 130D tank and stand by Red Sea are of the highest quality. I will begin with the high quality stand included with the purchase of the tank. This is no flimsy stand, immediately I observed the sides, bottom and top were very thick and laminated on all sides to provide protection from saltwater. The design is also very stylish. I will say the hinges for the cabinet door are a little flimsy but over all this stand is top notch.
The tank itself is also of the highest quality. The glass is much thicker than other brands and most importantly the entire tank is GLASS. Unlike some other brands the divider wall (separates main tank from filter compartment) is smoked GLASS not plastic. The dividers inside the filter compartment are also GLASS.
The skimmer seems to be producing very fine bubbles and some nice think froth and dark skim mate. The TWO circulation pumps provide tank circulation at 10x per hour, very nice circulation for the tank. Only draw back both pumps are on the same side, I wish they were on opposite sides of the tank. The included 150 watt heater with your standard power indicator light is more than sufficient.
The hood is also top notch. The hood is cooled by two fans and a third now included with 130D helps keep water nice and cool. Built in timer is solid with splash guard. The entire hood has a very solid design.
Finally, the power center is really handy. First it hides all your cords so the tank looks tidy. Each switch controls a separate component: 2 separate switches for each circulation pump, 1 switch for skimmer, 1 switch for lights and 1 for heater. Each switch is splash proof.
In summary you get what you pay for and this tank and stand are worth the extra cash. Its sturdy all glass construction and quality components provide a high quality plug and play system for any skill level.

I love this tank Product Review by MARK BLAND (Posted on 12/7/08)

Comments: Excellent tank. Well thought out. A little short on the lighting. Red Sea should release a 150 Watt MH version.

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