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Reptile Food

We carry a wide variety of reptile food for your lizard or amphibian including pelletized and freeze dried foods. Whether you have an aquatic turtle, land turtle, hermit crab, aquatic frog or any other animal that will eat dry foods we will have a food for your pet.

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  1. Rep Cal Tortoise Food 12.5oz

    Rep Cal Tortoise Food

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    For your pet tortoise, the Rep Cal Tortoise Food (12.5 oz) from Pet Store will surely be a wonderful treat to get. Made to give your reptile pet improved health and growth, this product is complete and teeming with all the vitam...
  2. Rep Cal Tortoise Food 3lb

    Rep Cal Tortoise Food 3lb

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    If you're a tortoise owner, you'd know that they can sometimes be very finicky eaters. Many tortoise owners make the mistake of trying to feed generic reptile or turtle feed to tortoises and are disappointed when their pet won't...

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