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Temperature Control

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Reptile Temperature Control

Proper habitat heating and temperature range is one of the most important items that is needed for your animal. Reptiles and amphibians are cold blooded and require products like reptile heat lamps, heat emitters, or heat reflectors to help regulate their body temperatures.

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  1. Zoo Med Reptitherm U.T.H. 10/20gal

    Zoo Med Reptitherm U.T.H.

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    Don't know where to place a heat source for your pet reptiles ? Do you want to use a device that provides your friends with the warmth that they need without resorting to the usual reptile lighting? If so, then get yourself the Z...
  2. Zoo Med Reptitherm U.T.H. 30/40gal

    Zoo Med Reptitherm U.T.H. 30/40gal

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    Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This means that they rely heavily on their environment to get the heat they need. In the wild, this is usually not a problem because most reptiles live in warmer climates. The heat they need is o...

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