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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrariums

Reptile Supplies

We carry more than 600 popular and hard-to-find reptile supplies for lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises plus specialty products for frogs, salamanders and other amphibians. Shopping for reptile supplies online has many advantages: lower prices, more options and the ability to read customer product reviews, to name a few. Warmth and ultraviolet light are important conditions to consider when setting up a reptile habitat. We carry a variety of fluorescent, halogen, spot and heat lamps to simulate day and evening temperatures for your scaly sidekick. Digital humidity and temperature gauges, timers and lifelike terrarium habitats all serve to help regulate your reptile's body temperature. Adorn your reptile cage or terrarium with rocklike basking platforms, flexible climbing vines, hollowed out logs and replica plants to create a natural-looking environment for your pet. Artificial caves, dens and foliage add color and create cool hiding spots. Cage décor is offered in a multitude of shapes and sizes and can be easily removed for cleaning using a mild soap and water. Finding cheap reptile supplies, from ergonomically-shaped water dishes and crickets in a can to heat-treated bedding and how-to books, has never been easier.
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