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Salifert pH Test Kit
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Salifert pH Test Kit

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Monitoring your aquarium water's pH level is more convenient with the use of Salifer pH Test Kit from Pet Store . This kit contains 50 tests that allow you to accurately measure the pH levels of the water in your marine aquarium....
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Part #: SI029-4

Monitoring your aquarium water's pH level is more convenient with the use of Salifer pH Test Kit from Pet Store. This kit contains 50 tests that allow you to accurately measure the pH levels of the water in your marine aquarium. Having the right pH level is essential for the fast growth and reproductive functions of your corals, coralline and calcareous algae. It is also important to have the appropriate pH value to facilitate various biological processes that contribute to the health of your tank. These include minimizing carbon dioxide and preventing the proliferation of harmful organisms that carry infectious diseases that may harm your fish.

The Salifert Test Kit contains reagents that are highly sensitive in sensing even very minor pH fluctuations in water. The pH fluctuation should not go beyond 0.2 units within the day and should be kept at a pH level higher than 8.2. With the regular use of this kit you can check and maintain the proper pH level that is required in a marine water aquarium. This kit is only recommended for marine water use only. It is simple to use. The Salifer Test Kit comes with an instructional guide that enables you to monitor and check the values on your own. This kit is designed to measure pH levels from 7.4 to 8.7.

Salifert pH Profi-Test
  • The pH value in a marine tank has a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on many biological processes. The pH should not be allowed to fluctuate more than approx. 0.2 units during any 24 hour period and should preferably be kept above 8.2.
  • If the pH is too low then the cause may be a too low alkalinity and/or a build up of carbon dioxide caused by insufficient aeration
  • A low pH can be corrected by improving aeration and by increasing the alkalinity.
  • The Salifert Test Kit is sufficiently accurate to monitor minor pH fluctuations and is scaled from pH 7.48.7.
  • Sufficient for 50 tests.
  • For marine water only.
Keep out of reach of children

  1. Add with syringe 5ml of water in the test tube.
  2. Add with the dropping bottle pH 4 drops and swirl gently for 10 seconds.
  3. Put the open test tube on the white part of the color chart. View from above and read the corresponding pH value. It might be possible that the color is in between two different ones, then the pH value is as well in between the two corresponding values.


  • Measures Ph 7.4-8.7
  • 50 test capacity
  • designed specificaly for salt water testing only
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Salifert pH Test Kit Reviews

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Customer Reviews

salifert ph test kit. Product Review by JEFF SAURWEIN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I've been using all the salifert kits from ph to calcium, alkalinity,magnesium and so on for some time. They are accurate and easy to use. I highly recommend them. Knowing your levels on a weekly basis is very important and will help you keep a healthier reef.

considered the best Product Review by PromisedPlanet (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Not sure why the other reviewer considers this test hard to read the color chart contains only five colors and unless you're completely color-blind, it's easy to distinguish between them.

Phew Product Review by FORREST FLEISHAUER (Posted on 4/25/10)

Comments: Was using a instant ocean ph test...and fighting a chronic ph problem. Then I ran out of those tests, bought the salifert. The salifert showed that my ph was right on target. The kit is easy to use, and convenient. I dont think I will use another ph kit after this, and I am planning on switching all of my reef testing to salifert.

User Friendly Product Review by CHARLES EZELL (Posted on 6/20/08)

Comments: I am new to the Aquarium world but I had some questions about PH levels and how to check them. This product is economical and user friendly.

excellent Product Review by AARON AMEZQUITA (Posted on 1/23/08)

Comments: fast and Very easy to use color chart.

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