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San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery
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San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery

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As an aquarist, you should be aware that bringing up fish and keeping shrimps are two, different things, particularly the latter is harder. Nevertheless, with the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery from Pet Store , you will find t...
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San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery Information

Part #: 66170

As an aquarist, you should be aware that bringing up fish and keeping shrimps are two, different things, particularly the latter is harder. Nevertheless, with the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery from Pet Store, you will find that this task is not such a difficult chore. This product is actually a set, which presents you with various equipment that you will need to take care of these species. At first, you will find that this set brings you a more complicated kit of materials, but soon enough, you will get the hang of it, and you will enjoy this new hobby.

This set gives you several vials and their respective lids, which will allow you to keep your shrimps in different rooms. This will prevent them from fighting and killing each other, especially if they are not from the same types of crustaceans. This is convenient for containing brines. These tubes are quite tall and narrow, and they are equipped with special gaps, where you can drop down their food. The product is made from transparent, hard plastic, assuring you that you will be given a view of the inside, and it will not break when it accidentally falls off.

You can now raise a lot of brines and shrimps properly on your own by simply using the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery.

Hatch your own fish food or use as an educational tool. Includes 3 packets of hatch mix. Add water and presto!* Not intended to raise shrimp to adult size.

Recommended for: Baby fish, reef tanks, educational purposes and science experiments.

Ingredients: Shrimpery with lid, Collection Vial with lid, 3 Hatch Mix packets.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min 55%
Crude Fat Min 18%
Crude Fiber Max 19%
Moisture Max 95%

Click here for hatching brine shrimp tips.

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San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery Reviews

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Customer Reviews

It Works. Product Review by ANDREW CLARK (Posted on 9/12/12)

Comments: What can I say? It works. Within 12 hours the container was buzzing with life. Fish loved it. refilled with fresh water and recapped and with the next 12 hours was able to feed again. Makes a great treat and my kids loved being able to see them under a magnifying glass. Came with 3 packets so I think I might save them for the kids sleep over so others can try the cycle as well.

Easy and Useful Product Review by GINGER WRIGHT (Posted on 5/21/12)

Comments: I have an ongoing brine shrimp grow out tank, but brine shrimp eggs laid in the tank can't hatch because their eggs need to dry out before they will hatch. Dumping dried eggs into my grow tank creates a huge mess that is difficult to clean up once the fry dump their shells. So having a hatchery is a must! This hatchery is clean, easy to use, and it works well. It even comes with pre-made packets of salt and eggs, so all you need to do is add the water up to an easy to see fill line, put the lid on, and then leave it in a warm location for 24 hours (the warmer the room, the faster the hatch- but not in the sun or above 80F). This hatchery is about as tall as my hand and as wide as my palm, so it fits pretty much anywhere. Once the shrimp hatch they swim up into the collection cup- so when you're ready you just pop it off and either feed them to your fish or add the fry to the grow out tank. The whole thing is easy to clean when you're done and easy to store until the next time you need it.

I guess it DOES work! Product Review by Doc-G (Posted on 12/1/10)

Comments: Amazingly enough, I got the package yesterday and followed the instructions to see if 24 hours later I'd have some baby-brine.

24 hours later I come home from work to see a lot of them jokers swimming in the collection cup. Products works just as described and I'm pleasantly surprised.

Even my 2 mandarin fish got happy eating the little swimmers in my 10g mini-reef

great product Product Review by ANGELINA CRISOSTOMI (Posted on 5/20/10)

Comments: this is a great easy to use set up. order extra brine shrimp eggs because the hatch mix works good ive only used one pack in a week i just keep putting eggs in to get more shrimp out, they hatch in 18-36 hours. it is not the best way to get the most out of your brine shrimp eggs, but i dont have room for bottles, extra air pumps, and airline and other accesorries needed to hatch brine shrimp but for a single spawn of bettas this can give me enough shrimp at a time.

shrimpery Product Review by DARRELL PAYNE (Posted on 8/23/07)

Comments: large enough to supply live food for my fish yet compact enough not to be in the way.Highly recommend this item

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