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Seachem Laboratories Cupramine Active Copper - 100mL
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Seachem Laboratories Cupramine Copper

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Quick Overview

If you need a reliable solution that will efficiently get rid of ectoparasites in your tank, then grab the Seachem Cupramine Copper from Pet Store right away. Ectoparasites are small organisms that stick and feed on your fishes'...

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Product Description

Seachem Laboratories Cupramine Copper Information

Part #: 565

If you need a reliable solution that will efficiently get rid of ectoparasites in your tank, then grab the Seachem Cupramine Copper from Pet Store right away. Ectoparasites are small organisms that stick and feed on your fishes' body. If not treated, your fish will not grow and develop well. Using this solution will help treat your aquarium water quickly. This is great to use on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This is made of high grade chemicals that are safe to use. It is non-acidic making it safe for your inhabitants' health. This will not affect the mineral balance of your water when used. Compared to other ectoparasite treatments, this is easier to use.

It comes with a complete set of directions for proper use and dosage. Simply turn off your UV sterilizer and remove your invertebrates before treatment. The Seachem Cupramine Copper is a smart choice to buy. It costs affordable and is very convenient to use. An ml of this solution can effectively treat 40 liters of water. You can simply keep this solution inside a high cabinet to keep it away from children's reach. Your fishes will surely become healthy and free from parasites with this efficient formula. Grab one now.
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Seachem Laboratories Cupramine Copper Reviews

Average Ratings:

Fish stopped eating. Product Review by SHAWN ROKUSKIE (Posted on 3/8/14)

Comments: I used Cupramine on my large Queen Angel. Fish slowly stopped eating the second day dosing (I did half dose increments). At 0.5ppm, fish looked & acted normal but refused to eat. After 3 days of no eating, I decided to perform a 50% water change and added activated carbon. By the next day the Queen Angel had an appetite again. I may use this product again and with other fish.

Use it for ich. Product Review by MIKE WEIXELMAN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I've been using this product, exclusively, to treat all my new fish which have been exposed to ich. It works well, and I haven't had any signs of the parasite since I started treating my fish with it 6 years ago.

Safest form of Copper Product Review by JOHN MARZICH (Posted on 4/25/12)

Comments: If you have to go here, this works and works well...
Calculating the does is tough and it adds up slowly so pretty safe.The protein skimmer can be left on! Very important. Does not lech into sand bed or rock. Their supprt has been second to none on e-mails and advice.

Cupramine For ICH treatment Product Review by ALFREDO FARINA (Posted on 1/25/12)

Comments: As you might have imagined I bought this product in order to treat for ICH in my quarantine tank before introducing new acquisition to the Display Tank. The product works great, and its a lot safe than other copper medication I have tried. They have great customer support when I contacted them with a question! Overall I cant complain it has been great!

Seachem Cupramine Product Review by Jojo (Posted on 6/5/11)

Comments: Works great for SW Ich. I recommend this for it over Paraguard to make sure it does the job right the very first time.

I've used this in a FOWLR tank with LR and LS (which isn't the recommended method of treating fishes) but I didn't have a big enough tank to QT 3 triggers/2 angels/3 tangs/8 chromis and other misc fishes without major ammonia spike and increased stress on the fish.

With LR/LS in the tank, it took about 2.5x the amount recommended since the LR/LS absorb a little. After a week of dosing, I was able to get a stable reading of .5.

I treated for a 4 week period to make sure ich was eliminated. After using about 3 Polyfilter pads to remove the Cupramine in my 125 (150 gal total) for about two months, I introduced two cleaner shrimps/emerald crabs/ RBTA and soft corals into my tank without any issue with Copper poisoning.

I highly recommend Seachem's version of copper treatment for ich!