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Seachem Laboratories Matrix - 1 Liter
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Seachem Laboratories Matrix - 1 Liter

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Protect your aquatic life from nitrogen wastes and other harmful substances with the use of the Seachem Matrix from Pet Store . This is a proven effective highly porous bio-media used in filters to quickly clean the aquarium wa...
Product Description

Seachem Laboratories Matrix - 1 Liter Information

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Protect your aquatic life from nitrogen wastes and other harmful substances with the use of the Seachem Matrix from Pet Store. This is a proven effective highly porous bio-media used in filters to quickly clean the aquarium water from toxic nitrogenous wastes. This inorganic solid measures around 10 mm in diameter, but it can provide more than 700 square meters of surface area.

Compared to the plastic bio-materials that offer external surface area, the SeaChem Matrix gives you both external and internal surface areas. Since most of the bacteria and other harmful substances are internal, this formula can get rid of more threats to the water quality than other bio-materials. It actually enables the quick removal of substances such as nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia.

The SeaChem Matrix comes in a one-liter container, which is equivalent to more than 170 plastic balls. It is durable, and it does not easily succumb to wear and tear. It saves you more time and money because it does not have to be replaced. It is easy to attach, detach, clean, and maintain with no added tools needed. You can simply remove, rinse, and attach it again without worry of damaging the filter. This can be used for any type of wet or wet to dry filters.

SeaChem Matrix is a high porosity biomedia that provides efficient biofiltration for the removal of nitrogenous waste. Matrix is a porous inorganic solid about 10 mm in diameter. Each liter of Matrix provides as much surface (<162 m) as 40 liters of plastic balls! Plastic bio-materials provide only external surface area, whereas Matrix provides internal macroporous surface area. These macropores are ideally sized for the support of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. This allows Matrix, unlike other forms of biomedia, to remove nitrate along with ammonia and nitrite, simultaneously and in the same filter. Matrix is completely inert and will not breakdown. It need not be replaced. Use 1-2 Liters of Matrix for each 100 gallons. Since the majority of the bacteria are internal, Matrix may be rinsed when needed without damaging the filter. Matrix is compatible with all types of wet or wet-dry filters. Marine or freshwater use.

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Seachem Laboratories Matrix - 1 Liter Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Best flter media on the market Product Review by David Johnson (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Everyone needs this media! Four liters of this media per 100 gallons of tank along with activated carbon in a large canister filter will eliminate the need altogether to worry about waste matter.

Sulphur Denitrator use Product Review by BENJAMIN BAEZ (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Works great in my sulphur denitrator. Went from over 150 ppm to 0 within weeks.

Very pleased! Product Review by MICHAEL ABRAMS (Posted on 1/19/14)

Comments: II
I am very pleased with the quality of this product! I was resigned to the long drudgery of waiting six weeks or so for my new reef to cycle. After only a few days with Matrix, the other wise skyrocketing nitrate not only leveled it dropped from approx. 10ppm to .25ppm in three days after adding Matrix. Good stuff!

Zero zero zero Product Review by WILLIAM HOUSER (Posted on 11/12/12)

Comments: I run this in a few mesh bags in my 30 gallon sump between bubble baffles. This is way easier than bio pellets, dosing etc. my 120 marine tank has no nitrate, no nitrate and I reduced the amount of gfo I was using. This is one of the best things I did for my tank and I do as another poster mentioned by just rinsing one Of the bags every other month In clean saltwater. It is also very useful when you need to get a quarantine tank running right away by using a little from one of the bags in my sump to my power filter.

Fantastic and then some Product Review by JOHN MARZICH (Posted on 6/15/12)

Comments: Learned way back at the fantastic offerings of Seachem.
This is a highly porus almost volcanic looking rock and as long as you keep large pollution out of it will last for years.
Huge surface area that rivals all the others and mega cost effective versus results. A+++++

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