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Seachem Laboratories Reef Kalkwasser - 500 Grams
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Seachem Laboratories Reef Kalkwasser

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Quick Overview

Calcium plays an important role in any reef aquarium . That’s why you need to use the Seachem Reef Kalkwasser Pet Store in your tank today. Corals and other invertebrates greatly need calcium in order to grow and survive. Using...
Product Description

Seachem Laboratories Reef Kalkwasser Information

Part #: 397

Calcium plays an important role in any reef aquarium. That’s why you need to use the Seachem Reef Kalkwasser Pet Store in your tank today. Corals and other invertebrates greatly need calcium in order to grow and survive. Using this Kalkwasser or limewater solution in your tank will help maintain and stabilize calcium. It helps keep calcium to its proper level while prolonging its benefits. This works by maintaining calcium directly and alkalinity indirectly.

This kalkwasser solution is made of 100% calcium hydroxide. It comes in very fine granules making it easy to dissolve. It offers better quality than other competing brands when it comes to purity as well as solubility. This product is packaged in a covered, glass jar for easy storage. You will have no hassles using the Seachem Reef Kalkwasser. It has complete, detailed instructions for proper use and dosage. It dissolves quickly leaving no effect to the clarity of the water. Use a test kit to help you monitor pH level and alkalinity of the water. This product is convenient to use because it is efficient, dependable, and very reasonably priced. When not in use, simply keep it inside a high cabinet or in a place away from children’s reach. Keep calcium level properly maintained all the time. Give this product a try today.
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Seachem Laboratories Reef Kalkwasser Reviews

Average Ratings:

Works as a good buffer should Product Review by BRANDON (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I use 1/2cup of this product a week in my kalkwasser reactor (a must if you're serious about the health of a reef tank) and my pH & calcium levels are as steady as one could hope for. This is very simple to use if you have a kalkwasser reactor, but I wouldn't suggest this product to a beginner as overdosing could harm the health of one's system. I am giving it 4 stars because I haven't used the whole bottle yet, and am waiting for completion of product before I praise it further.

Great product Product Review by TAHIR AL SULAIMAN (Posted on 6/21/11)

Comments: One of best additive to riese calcium but be sure of your Mg level as it will make it up

great for kalkstirrer Product Review by rayray (Posted on 9/3/10)

Comments: I use 2kg of this a year and it is great. The price is right. It does not clump up in my kalkstirrer, other brands with Mg did. I refill the stirer monthly, dose with a litermeter III and by it alone keeps Ca=400, Ph 8.4 in a 180g SPS + clam reef.

no complaints Product Review by NATHEN RISTE (Posted on 3/23/10)

Comments: works like it should, doesn't clump to bad and disloves nice

Easy Product Review by DAVID GERMINO (Posted on 3/31/09)

Comments: I am using this product to maintain Ph on a 125 mixed reef...It is super loaded and has a tendency to drop in Ph....This product mixes well and settles fast. I am using it in a 2.5 gal aquadoser. I just set it on the top of the hood to my tank and drip away....Corals are more colorful and "hairy" (SPS) and polyps are more extended...(LPS). Inexpensive, great product...the bigger 4 L has a lid that is a bugger to open, but that is overcome with continued use....

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