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Second Nature Dog Litter 12lb
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Second Nature Dog Litter 12lb

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Are you starting to potty train your puppy? If so, don't waste your time laying down newspapers around your house. They are not absorbent enough and make your pet look homeless at the same time. Instead, get a tray and pour in som...

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Second Nature Dog Litter 12lb Information

Are you starting to potty train your puppy? If so, don't waste your time laying down newspapers around your house. They are not absorbent enough and make your pet look homeless at the same time. Instead, get a tray and pour in some Second Nature Dog Litter from Pet Store. These pellets are made from paper-based material that is non-toxic so it is completely safe for your furry friend to use. It is also very absorbent and is able to minimize bad odor. In training, select a small area outside where your pet can do his business.

Be sure to give a spoken command like "Make"! to tell him that he can now eliminate. After some time, you can place a litter tray filled with Second Nature Dog Litter at that same spot to get him used to it. Slowly, your dog will recognize the tray with Second Nature Dog Litter to be the go to spot when he needs to relieve himself. You can then place the tray inside, a few feet away from his living space. You have now gained some extra relaxing time because you do not have to open the door for your pet every time he needs to go. With a tray of Second Nature Dog Litter, you can successfully teach your dog a little independence. Get one today!

Purina SecondNature Dog LitterSecondnature is a unique litter training system for dogs that was created by Purina canine experts.Years of dedicated research went into the development of the secondnature brand "Total Training Program, which was created in conjunction with Purina's staff of dog breeders, trainers and behaviorists. So you can be sure that secondnature is an excellent solution for you and your dog's lifestage and lifestyle.Safe: Non-toxic paper-based pellets are highly absorbent and help control odorsStress-reducing: Now your dog has permission to "go" when nature calls!
Important InformationTransitioning your pup from eliminating outside to inside: Select an outdoor location of approximately 4 square feet where your dog can eliminate. Make sure to take your dog to this same spot each day. Use a verbal command, such as "Go potty!" as the dog circles within the area. Praise your dog when he eliminates and repeat this pattern each time your dog eliminates. Once your dog is consistently using the appropriate area, place the secondnature dog litter pan there and fill it with the elimination material he normally uses in that part of the yard (for example, sod or wood chips). Gently guide him toward the pan and encourage him to use it each day. Canine Behavior The Secondnature housetraining system has been developed to work in harmony with normal canine behavior. Your puppy must learn that his litter pan is the appropriate place within his territory to eliminate. Place the litter pan inside the gated or penned area. The tray should be 2 to 3 feet away from your puppy's crate, food, and water, as most dogs prefer to eliminate away from where they sleep and eat. Keep the pan visible so you can monitor your puppy's behavior and elimination habits
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Second Nature Dog Litter 12lb Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Best product ever Product Review by STEPHANIE SOHN (Posted on 5/22/11)

Comments: I have a small breed and this product, along with the dog tray, are absolutely the best. It took me 3 days to train my dog to go to the litter box. Best investment you will ever make and it is so much easier on your pet because no accidents and no stress.

DOGOWNER Product Review by CONSTANTINE KUNELIS (Posted on 2/2/11)

Comments: Great product.

Second Nature Dog Litter Product Review by PAULINE NOOYEN (Posted on 11/16/08)

Comments: I have been using this product for about 8 years now, and it is fantastic. Our dog trained in one, yes one day, at about eight weeks of age. It's a really great product because he's a Chihuahau, and we live in Wisconsin, and I don't have to worry about him being outside in cold weather. I also don't have to worry if I'm away from home longer than planned. The fact that the product illiminates order is also really great, and it's also very easy to handle.
Our local PETCO handled it in the past, but they have something similar under their own brand, and beleive me, it does not compare to Second Nature.

Not good - stick to pee pads Product Review by Taylor (Posted on 1/12/10)

Comments: My toy poodle had no idea what the litter box/litter was for. She would just stand there, sit down, lay down. After a week of trying to get her to use this stuff, and multiple accidents in her crate, I gave up.