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Marshall Pet Peters Grass Play Ball

Small Pet Supplies

We carry more than 900 small animal supplies to cater to the lifetime needs of your pet hamster, mouse, rat, rabbit or guinea pig. We also stock specialty small pet products for chinchillas, ferrets, degus and hedgehogs. Cages and habitats for small animals vary wildly, from simple wire cages to veritable cities connected with colorful tubing. Living conditions are important to the overall health and well-being of your pet so be sure to clean your small animal cage regularly. Scoop out litter and replace liners and bedding often to keep your furry friend's home clean and smelling fresh. Toys are among the most sought-after small animal products so we sell a wide range of chews, exercise wheels, hideaways and mazes to stimulate your pet's mind and desire to chew. Snacks and treats are important small animal products for several reasons. In addition to dietary, dental and digestion benefits, snacks can be used as a reward during training. Hamsters, mice, rats and rabbits can all be trained to come when called and stand upon command. Responsible pet owners are mindful of animal health by watching for changes in behavior. Be proactive by purchasing small pet supplies that treat common health ailments or at the first sign of change. We carry the best small animal vitamins, supplements and medicines available and offer overnight shipping if you need them fast.
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