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We carry a wide variety of additives produced by the most respected companies serving the aquarium hobby, such as Kent Marine, E.S.V., Seachem and Two Little Fishies. 2-part Calcium and Alkalinity Supplements are popular additives among reef keepers since calcium and alkalinity tend to deplete quickly in a reef aquarium.

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  1. Kent Marine Superbuffer DKH 1 kg

    Kent Marine Superbuffer DKH 1 kg

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    If you want to properly stabilize the PH level of your aquarium water, then use the Kent Marine SuperBuffer DKH 1kg from Pet Store . It is a specifically designed PH buffer that adjusts and maintains PH level to its required rate...
  2. Kent Marine Superbuffer dKH 250 g

    Kent Marine Superbuffer dKH

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    Description : Kent Superbuffer-dKH is a specially formulated pH buffer and alkalinity or carbonate hardness (KH) builder, designed to adjust the pH of saltwater aquariums to the range of 8.0 to 8.3 and build the KH. Superbuffer-d...

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