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We carry a wide variety of additives produced by the most respected companies serving the aquarium hobby, such as Kent Marine, E.S.V., Seachem and Two Little Fishies. 2-part Calcium and Alkalinity Supplements are popular additives among reef keepers since calcium and alkalinity tend to deplete quickly in a reef aquarium.

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  1. Kent Marine Kalkwasser 100 g

    Kent Marine Kalkwasser

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    Description: KALKWASSER MIX provides bio-available calcium for lush growth of purple, pink and green calcareous algaes, snails, hard tube worms and clams. Corals will open more and stay attached to their skeletons better, with r...
  2. Kent Marine Kalkwasser 450 g

    Kent Marine Kalkwasser 450 g

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    But where will you get calcium? It's not exactly something you can buy over the counter - or can you? Actually, you can. The Kent Marine Kalkwasser from Pet Store , a calcium supplement, is readily available in the market. Th...

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