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Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- Elements 500ml
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Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- Elements 500ml

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Under the sea, corals get all the necessary trace elements they need in order to grow and thrive in a beautiful and healthy manner. The corals are exposed to trace elements in the anionic and cationic forms, also known as the posi...
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Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- Elements 500ml Information

Part #: TM106

Under the sea, corals get all the necessary trace elements they need in order to grow and thrive in a beautiful and healthy manner. The corals are exposed to trace elements in the anionic and cat-ionic forms, also known as the positive and negative forms. However, in an aquarium, these forms are not found naturally, so you have to supply them yourself so that your corals can grow healthy and strong.

But why are trace elements so important? They are natural minerals, to begin with. They have major functions in the various biological processes of many living things. In corals, the lack of these trace elements can result in the lack of color, also known as bleaching. The corals` exoskeletons also become weaker and eventually, brittle. Their overall appearance will suffer and this means there`s a major deficiency that also affects their insides. In other words, without trace elements, corals will become very unhealthy.

Thus, make sure that you have a constant supply of the Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- Elements!

In the natural marine environment, essential trace elements exist in both anionic (negative) and cationic (positive) forms. With two complimentary solutions, PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS and PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS supply the aquarium with all of the essential trace elements. The two solution approach guarantees optimum availability of the compounds and avoids unwanted reactions of the elements with each other.

Essential anionic trace element supplement for marine aquariums

Trace Elements are natural minerals, which have essential functions in many of the biological processes of living organisms. A severe trace element deficiency can lead to bleaching of corals. One trace element with particularly diverse associations is Iodine. It is often a component of hormones and strengthens the skeletal structures of sponges, gorgonias and crabs. There are no substitutions for trace elements, therefore, it is essential that all trace elements be added to the aquarium in a naturally balanced mixture.

TROPIC MARIN PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS is carefully formulated to support the healthy and continuous growth in the reef aquarium by replenishing all the essential anionic trace elements used by corals, invertebrates and algae.

PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS contains no phos-phates, chelates and other unnatural solvents.

PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS adds the following anionic trace elements to the aquarium: vanadium, molybdenum, selenium, fluorine, bromine, iodine, lithium.

Recommended dosage: Add 1 ml of PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS per 100 l / 25 gallons US-gal of total aquarium system water volume per day in the circulation flow of the system. Trace element demand increases with increased aquarium population density. In heavily populated aquariums, dosage may be increased up to the maximum dosage below.

Maximum dosage: Do not exceed a dosage of 2 ml per 100 l / 25 US-gallons of aquarium system water volume per day.

The regular dosing of PRO-CORAL ELEMENTS can be automated with a hose pump (dosing pump).

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Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- Elements 500ml Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Synthetic sea salt of today Product Review by Harry (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Having begun keeping marine fish in 1971 I approve of worthwhile additives by such a reputable company as Tropic Marin. They were around in those days selling sea salt in 10 pound boxes, as I rememeber. In the box was a little vile of liquid additives you would put into your gallon jug after you made up your mix. Realizing that synthetic sea salt can not fully match the chemical makeup of natural sea water it is always a benefit to the hobby when long standing companies go the extra mile constantly improving an already good thing bringing us closer and closer to the real sea water composition. In comes Tropic Marin with Pro-Coral.

better than ever Product Review by IAN FRANCK (Posted on 8/23/08)

Comments: I use this along with tropic Marin Pro-Coral K+ Elements 500ml and Kent marines coral accel... About a week after i started using this product, my hairy mushrooms doubled in size and my other mushrooms that were not attached to the rock gained life and energy to grab onto the rock... b4 i started using this product I had only a few polyps, I have been using this product for about 2 months and my polyps have tripled in numbers...

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