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Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410.000
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Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410

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Give your fish and reef life a home that has been thoroughly cleansed from all impurities by the Tunze Master Doc Protein Skimmer 9410.000 from Pet Store . This can be used for both fresh and water tanks, and it can work well, ...
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Part #: 9410

Give your fish and reef life a home that has been thoroughly cleansed from all impurities by the Tunze Master Doc Protein Skimmer 9410.000 from Pet Store. This can be used for both fresh and water tanks, and it can work well, regardless of the content and quality of the water that you want to clean.

The protein skimmer works powerfully but silently, ensuring that your fish will not gain stress or wounds from the quick absorption and release of water that will be done in a continuous manner. It is simple to operate and assemble on top of any aquarium, and it works well with a power head or a separate wave maker.

The primary duty of this skimmer is to filter batches of water from debris and other solid particles, which cause the aquarium to get dirty. The sifting process is done by exposing the liquid to a thin sheet of foam that will remove all tangible pollutants, and dispose of them by carrying them to a collection cup. With this product, you only need to maintain it manually at least once or twice a month.

Your aquatic inhabitants will instantly get a fresh and clean ocean environment that they will thoroughly enjoy, thanks to the Tunze Master Doc Protein Skimmer 9410.000.

TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410

Recommended for aquariums up to 1,000 litres (264 USgal.) of salt water.
Immersion depth from 140 mm (5.5 in.) to 240 mm (9.4 in.),
Dimensions without post-filter: L250 x W113 x H418 mm (L9.8 x W4.4 x H16.4 in.) 230 V / 50 Hz, 11 W
Water throughput: 900 l/h (237 USgal./h)
(115 V / 60 Hz, 15 W, water flow rate: 999 l/h (264 USgal./h)
Air capacity: 600 l/h (158 USgal./h), skimmer cup volume: .7 l (.18 USgal.).

Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But, no unit uses less current than TUNZE® DOC Skimmer 9410. At a power consumption of only 12 W (16 W), the new DOC Skimmer has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers consuming more than twice as much power. In addition, no settings are required; it is extremely silent; it is easy to operate and it is nice to look at.

Skimmer cup (diam. 160 mm (6.2 in.)) with large capacity; also contains the foam reactor; can be removed easily.

The booster ring permits a fine adjustment of the power, thus adapting the water level inside the skimmer as required for the production of somewhat wetter foam, for example.

The removable post-filter at the outlet of the skimmer permits perfect mechanical filtration through 50 µm acrylic wadding fibres with little biological action. This ensures that no unwanted nutrient and nitrate sources develop in case of longer cleaning intervals. The filter can be filled with other filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate absorber.

Stable base which also reduces the water velocity in the lower zone of the skimmer.

TUNZE® Hydrofoamer Silence 9410.04 is a pump specifically developed for protein skimmers. The Hydrofoamer generates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter of between 0.1 to 0.3 mm (.0039 to .011 in.). It has an energy consumption of only 12 W (16 W) at an air output of 600 l/h (158 USgal./h) which places this air generator at the top of its product class. At a water flow of 900 l/h (1,000 l/h) (237 USgal./h / 264 USgal./h), it is also used to supply the aquarium water to the skimmer.

The mixing chamber with flow distributor binds an especially high amount of organic material.

Intermediate chamber with phase water: The patented Anti-Overfoaming System® prevents an overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates the skimming action according to surface tension of the aquarium water and water level. The skimmer operates independently and automatically sets its best efficiency.

Nipple for ozone connection. Ozone improves the skimming process and at the same time removes any yellowing matter in the aquarium water.

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Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410 Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great Skimmer! Product Review by RUSSELL SCHULTZ (Posted on 8/23/13)

Comments: In the two weeks I've had it, this skimmer is pulling some really dark product. It foams consistently and level is very easy to control. Everything I have come to expect from Tunze.

Easy and efficient Product Review by JOHN RODGERS (Posted on 7/23/13)

Comments: The only adjustment necessary may be a little on the air. Once set in this skimmer can produce with the likes of Bubble King and the better Octopus models. Excellent quality skimmer and easy on the wallet (a match that's hard to beat).

tunze 9410 skimmer Product Review by Ash (Posted on 5/3/13)

Comments: I hooked up this skimmer to my 175 and it started to produce foam immediately. This one is definitely better built than Tunze's older line of skimmers which fall apart. Its been put to work for the last 2 weeks, very very quiet and works great.

Best skimmer I have ever used Product Review by STEPHEN GOREY (Posted on 4/10/13)

Comments: After much research and analysis I settled on the Tunze 9410 to replace my Reef Octopus XP2000 cone skimmer. I needed a skimmer that was smaller in size than the XP2000 and at first I couldn't believe that the Tunze 9410 at about 16 inches tall was capable of the kind of performance that I read about on the web. Well, it is, and in fact exceeds the XP2000 which I had regarded as a pretty good skimmer. In my mind the Tunze pump is clearly better than the Bubble Blaster that powers the XP2000. And as for the "cone thing," been there done that.

Fantastic Product Review by 58Mike (Posted on 12/4/12)

Comments: I have been running this skimmer on my 90 for almost two years and love it! Pulls out about a cup of seriously dark goo every week or so. Highly recommended.

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