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Tunze Nano Reefpack 200
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  • Tunze Nano Reefpack 200
  • Tunze Nano Reefpack 200
  • Tunze Nano Reefpack 200
  • Tunze Nano Reefpack 200
  • Tunze Nano Reefpack 200

Tunze Nano Reefpack 200

This product has been discontinued

Item #: TZ9511

Quick Overview

With the Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 from Pet Store , you can be cure that you have everything that you will ever need to raise healthy aquatic pets , as well as maintain a good and safe environment for them. This product comes in t...
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Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 Information

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Part #: 200

With the Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 from Pet Store, you can be cure that you have everything that you will ever need to raise healthy aquatic pets, as well as maintain a good and safe environment for them. This product comes in the form of a set, which includes filters and skimmers that you can use to keep your tank clean for a long time. This is a very good kit for beginners, but it is also quite effective for professional aquarists and fish keepers.

The Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 is especially designed to be installed on aquariums that can hold up to two hundred liters of water, regardless whether you're using freshwater or marine/saltwater. This device is easy to set up without using any special tools. A magnet holder is available in the kit, which you can use to secure the filter and skimmer on your aquarium. It is quite durable, ensuring a clean home for your pets for a long time.

The Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 is mainly responsible for clearing your tank's water from any type of impurity, whether tangible or not. Its filter eliminates any form of dirt particles that litter your aquarium. The skimmer, on the other hand, seeks to eliminate the presence of harmful elements, such as nitrate and ammonia.

With the Tunze Nano Reefpack 200, your aquatic pets can say hello to a better home.

Sometimes it is maintained that reef biotopes cannot be successful in aquariums with less than 200 liters. Nonetheless, there are more and more aquarists who operate wonderful aquariums with contents of 60, 100 or 150 liters. There is also an increasing demand for small reef aquariums. Obviously, the system must not cause any stress for the animals, and all species of invertebrates or fish should be able to live as in their natural habitat. The range of technical aquarium systems is rather limited for this class of aquariums. Most internal filters frequently develop weaknesses which have a detrimental effect on such a biotope or they are very often completely unsuitable due to the space required.

TUNZE Nano Reefpack 200 constitutes a new water treatment concept for small reef aquariums from 40 to 200 liters (10 to 52 gal.). It consists of a DOC Skimmer 9002 with a 150-liter (39 gal.) air output, a mechanical nano filter with a pump (800 l/h or 211 gal./h) and a magnet holder. The Nano Reefpack has been designed for beginners as well as for experienced aquarists. Thus, it is possible to operate a small marine or reef biotope aquarium in any standard glass tank without any complications. The water is treated on the basis of dirt removal and contains no biological stages. Like all TUNZE components, the Nano Reefpack is a modular solution, which can be supplemented with Osmolator 3155 and a Calcium Dispenser (sold separately), et cetera.

NOTE: Products are sold in 110V conversions. Please verify your countrys volt conversion before making any electrical purchase.


  • Protein Skimming: TUNZE DOC Skimmer 9002
  • Filtration: Nano Filter 3165 with an output of 800 l/h (211 gal./h), micro wadding 872.01 and filter bag for activated carbon and other absorbers, such as for phosphate
  • Storage Tank 5002.10: with a volume of 13 liters (3.4 gal.); is used to hold the refill water
  • Holding Device: the Nano Reefpack is supplied with Magnet Holder 6080.50 as a standard feature to permit mounting at any point in the aquarium (up to a glass thickness of 12mm (0.47in).
  • Power Consumption: Only 20W for all components.
  • Delivery Condition: Completely ready for mounting with holding device, storage tank and filter wadding.
  • Dimensions of the Filter Body: 4.7"L x 4.4"W x 13.3"H

What's in the Box

  • 3 gallon bucket
  • Tunze Doc Skimmer 9002
  • collection cup
  • magnet holder 6080
  • tunze pump 800.04
  • cleaning brush
  • pipe cleaner
  • Tunze Reefpack surface skimmer
  • media bag
  • filter floss.
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Tunze Nano Reefpack 200 Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Cleaned my tank up...quick Product Review by getsteppin (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Im not sure what the capabilities of this little gem is but, so far its been running effortlessly with polyp and sps and a couple pair of clowns , 1 goby all in a 29 gallon tank. Quiet and efficient.

excellent Product Review by THOMAS ELLISON (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This is a wonderful system,

So far so great Product Review by CHAD (Posted on 6/9/10)

Comments: Works great,didn't realize it was actually two separate units though.skimmer is great easily controllable a litttle noisy but still in the Start up slime building mode.filter is like a miniature canister" you can put some biological at the bottom,carbon in the middle and filter pad at the top.Tunze makes quality stuff

Reefpack review Product Review by MICHAEL ATWELL (Posted on 10/2/09)

Comments: I'm putting this in a 90 gallon tank due to space and lack of sump issues. I'll have two of the tunze nano skimmers and one of the filters. The skimmer is great, for an intank skimmer, bubble control is a big issue and it is hard to see any bubbles coming off the skimmer.

The filter does a nice job of surface skimming and matched with the skimmer, makes for a very compact system which is important if its in tank. The basic black design makes the system less obtrusive in the tank. I'm very happy with it.

The only real improvement I would like to see is in the filter. The skimmer can be mounted left or right side. The filter could have been designed the same way, instead you are stuck with a left side mount.

Great little product! Product Review by GRAHAM PARKER (Posted on 4/3/09)

Comments: Easy to hook up! Cleared my tank up overnight.

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