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Tunze Wavebox 6215
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Tunze Wavebox 6215

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Tunze Wavebox 6215 is a wave generator for aquariums from 52-317gal (200-1200L). It is specially suitable for reef biotopes as it generates an oscillating current. The current corresponds exactly to the wave structure and water mo...
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Part #: 6215

Tunze Wavebox 6215 is a wave generator for aquariums from 52-317gal (200-1200L). It is specially suitable for reef biotopes as it generates an oscillating current. The current corresponds exactly to the wave structure and water movement in reef top zones. The Wavebox applies this oscillating principle through Wave Controller 6091, which uses the intrinsic resonance of the tank. A very low power consumption generates ideal water movement. The water is in movement in all areas of the aquarium, even the smallest section behind a decoration benefits from the wash. Magnetic holders now make the Tunze 6215 even more stable in your aquarium

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Tunze Wavebox 6215 Reviews

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Customer Reviews

185 gallon owner Product Review by FRANK CLARK (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Tunze way to go Great Product!!! Works great and my tank sways just like the Ocean. Happy Aquarimist

Excellent Experience Product Review by WILSON VARGHESE (Posted on 10/22/12)

Comments: I use it in my 4000 Liter [1100 gal ] tank with the extension and also in my 1000 Liter tank its remarkable . you really feel the ocean now. the waves enchants the fauna inside

Tunze Wavebox 6215 Product Review by JEFFREY ROBINSON (Posted on 2/5/11)

Comments: I have had my wave box established for about 6 months in a 180 gal reef tank. I would rate performance excellent. The wave box is vary durable i like the photo electric sensor as it shuts down when my timer on my lights turn down to night leds at night. setting this wave box up took 15 minutes, it was not difficult to set up.

Unbelievable Product Review by SHANE HM (Posted on 6/14/10)

Comments: I know, this piece of equipment is costly, but for a reason. This product does exactly what it claims it does and it is truly amazing to watch this thing in action. Definetly gives your reef a more natural look and everything in your tank gets the benefit of this wavemaker, everything. If you have the money, buy this product. You will not be dissapointed. The customer support is outstanding and they will walk you through on how to set up and dial this thing in step by step over the phone.

Excellent Product Product Review by fishgal (Posted on 4/22/10)

Comments: I bought the Tunze wavebox about 9 months ago and I haven't had a problem with it. It produces crazy waves. I have a 200 gallon tank that is 6ft. long. If you look at the top of the water line, the water is bobbing 2 inches up and down. You have to spend about 5 minutes getting the right surge for the wave, but after you get the correct movement, then you don't have to touch it again after that. This wave action gives a the whole tank a surge of water forward and then backwards which is really nice in keeping dentrius from building up. I happen to have a very high bio load, so not all dentrius is removed, but most of it is. While the wave it produces is strong, it is not damaging to the coral. The coral look very natural with the wave movement. The only thing I would change would be the look of it. It is a big piece of equipment that is in your tank and it should stay in the middle of one end of the tank making it challenging to hide. I did place some colt coral in front of it which hides it a little. Currently it is covered in coraline algae which makes it look a little better, but it is still an eyesore. Also, it is hard to clean the tank around it because it is so big. It does come with brackets that are great if you have a glass tank, but probably will scratch a plastic tank. I have mine attached to magnets which holds in place nicely.
If you don't mind the look of it in your tank and you want some serious waves, then I would get it. The plastic does feel a little flimsy, but I believe it is designed that way in order to get the best wave action with the least amount energy used. Although it may feel a little flimsy, it is strong and durable. I have had it in my tank for 9 months and have moved it around and cleaned it once, and I have never had an issue.

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