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Ultralife Fish Trap

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Item #: UL1511P

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Catch your fish safe and fast using the Ultralife Fish Trap from Pet Store . This tool helps you perform your maintenance tasks like changing aquarium water, general cleaning of the tank or even disassembling and upgrading the ta...
Product Description

Ultralife Fish Trap Information

Catch your fish safe and fast using the Ultralife Fish Trap from Pet Store. This tool helps you perform your maintenance tasks like changing aquarium water, general cleaning of the tank or even disassembling and upgrading the tank to become a better unit. It helps you get the fish out of the tank when needed in a quick but less stressful way. You can also use this to catch and transfer a sick fish for it to recover faster in a separate enclosure. The overall goal is to catch the fish without causing irreparable damage.

This trap offers a unique and effective approach to catching fish. The product is made from top-notch clear and transparent acrylic material that is very strong yet lightweight, and it is relatively invisible when submerged in water. The device is armed with a bait compartment at the very rear, enticing any living thing to go inside the trap without suspicion. Once the target fish is inside, the trap is slowly lifted with the fish inside. The fast action disables the fish to escape, struggle and cause damage to itself by trying to get out.

The Ultralife Fish Trap is 3 inches by 9 inches in area and can reliably catch misbehaving fish in the aquarium. It can also be used for fishing or in getting added stock to your aquarium.
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Ultralife Fish Trap Reviews

Average Ratings:

Fish Trap Worked Product Review by MARC TODD (Posted on 4/3/14)

Comments: After reading reviews on several fish traps, it was clear that they all had issues around the door closing quickly, so I was prepared to make modifications to my trap when it arrived. The problem they all face is that the door isn't heavy enough to snap shut, so I simply glued a small metal bar to the top of the door to add some extra weight, and the door closed easily. I have some larger fish in my tank, so I went with the larger 4&quot, model, and used it to catch my adult purple tang, that I suspected was starting to have an ich outbreak. I put some seaweed on a rock inside the trap and immediately the tang started swimming around the clear trap trying to figure out how to get the seaweed. He quickly found the opening and in less than a minute of putting the trap in the water, my tang was caught. I just jiggled the string holding the trap door open a little and the door closed instantly. The trap has holes so the fish can't simply be transported to a new tank in the trap or you will have water pouring all over the place, so have a bucket ready. I was pretty optimistic about using the trap on my fish that love seaweed because it stays in one place and they tend to really work on it. I don't expect it will be as easy with my other fish because they are used to eating meaty food floating in the water column, so it may take a few days to train them to look for food in the trap.

Good product Product Review by SEAN B (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: The large fish trapped worked well for catching a pesky Pomacanthus angel from my mixed reef. I altered the trap a bit using one rubberband to help shut the door. I used an acrylic rod piece to prop the trapdoor open, when the fish swam in, pulled the string and the door snapped shut.

When using this...
1)be patient, it feels like you are waiting forever.
2)prop the door open somehow and add rubberbands to help snap the door shut. I had a problem with the door not sliding down when submerged.

I would have given 5 stars if the door would have worked better.

The Trap works Product Review by Trickman2 (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Okay first off I would like to say the trap is decent but the weighted door design is just downright poor and not very dependable to close in a instant. That said it is better than no Trap.

really works! Product Review by CLIFFORD MUNSON (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I had 5 peppermint shrimp that I wanted to remove from my reef tank. I baited the trap with Hikari carnivore tablets, turned off the lights, and within 1-2 hrs, I caught all of them.

Trap Product Review by ALEKSANDER TUB (Posted on 5/5/12)

Comments: Excellent trap for small fish and shrimps. Excellent service. Thank you.

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