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Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb
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Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb

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Item #: ND52200

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Quick Overview

Do you need a complete, well-balanced daily diet for your hookbills or softbills? Try the Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb from Pet Store today. This is a highly nutritious food ideally made for your birds’ needs. It is an ext...

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Product Description

Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb Information

Part #: 52200

Do you need a complete, well-balanced daily diet for your hookbills or softbills? Try the Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb from Pet Store today. This is a highly nutritious food ideally made for your birds needs. It is an extruded nugget made with different shapes and fun colors. Your birds will surely be excited with this food every mealtime. It has a delectable taste which your birds will truly love right from the first bite. Even finicky birds will like it.

The Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb is made of all natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables. It is safe for your birds health because it does not contain artificial preservatives and food colorants. You dont need to give your pet additional food or supplements because this great formula is complete. The Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb has lots of vitamins and minerals in every single nugget. Feeding this to your birds will help build strong immunity making your pets less-sickly, lively, and alert.

This will also make their feathers beautiful. You will definitely have no hassles with this product. It costs affordable and has a longer shelf life compared to other bird foods. You can give it directly to your pet without adding water or anything else in it. Your birds will be healthy, fit, and happy with the Zupreem Garden Goodness Parrot 2lb. Try it today.

Product Highlight(s):
    ZuPreem® AvianEntrées™ Diet Garden Goodness ParrotZuPreem® AvianEntrées™ Diets are ultra premium, everyday diets formulated to meet the accepted nutrient requirements for themaintenance of adult psittacines (hookbills) and most passerines (softbills). The three AvianEntrées mixes contain different assortmentsof nutritious extruded nuggets with the highest quality fruit and vegetables, providing birds with a wide variety of choices.
    • Delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes and textures
      Offers variety and an exciting eating experience for highly intelligent birds
    • Perfect balance of nutrition and fun
      Highly nutritious nuggets are combined with tasty fruit and vegetablesbirds enjoy
    • Convenient and ready-to-eat food
      No more slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables
    • Fixed formulation extruded nuggets
      Nuggets provide consistent dependable nutrition in every bite
    • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals birds needfor excellent health
      No vitamin or mineral supplements required
    • Naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C
      Longer shelf life than seeds and most pelleted foods, and containno artificial preservatives
    • Backed by more than 40 years of developing premium diets
      The same premium nutrition bird owners have come to expect inevery ZuPreem diet
    Product CharacteristicsGARDEN GOODNESS™ MIX offers wholesome nuggets with no addedcolorants mixed with natures own red and green peppers, peas, tomatoesand apples. Appeals to bird owners who want to feed a more natural diet.

    Shelf-life:Three years from date of manufacture.
    Feeding InstructionsZuPreem® AvianEntrées™ Diets are formulated for adult nonbreedingbirds and should be the birds primary source ofnutrition.AvianEntrées Diets are convenient and ready to serve.Shake the bag before each serving so the bird can enjoy thecomplete mix of nuggets, fruit and vegetables. Feed free choiceand check that the bird always has food in his cup, as well asaccess to fresh clean water. Do not leave moistened food inthe cup for long periods of time.

    Most birds consume 20% of their weight per day to maintainoptimum body condition and help prevent excessive thinnessor obesity. For complete nutrition, make sure the ZuPreem dietor combination of diets being fed makes up at least 80% ofwhat the bird eats every day, especially if the ZuPreem diet issupplemented with other food items. ZuPreem diets haveprecise levels of essential vitamins and minerals, and addingadditional supplements to AvianEntrées™ Diets is not requiredand could be harmful to the bird.

    Converting to AvianEntrées™ Diets

    Mix the AvianEntrées diet with the current food, slowly increasingthe proportion of the AvianEntrées diet and decreasing theproportion of the previous food over the course of 10 to 14days minimum. Most birds find all AvianEntrées mixes very tastyand convert easily. Monitor the color of the birds droppings toensure they are well formed.The color of the droppings maychange as a result of a dietary change. If the bird is currently ona high seed diet, he may be difficult to convert and refuse toeat. If he begins to lose weight, return to his original food andcontact an avian professional. For complete conversion methods,go to ZuPreem.com/conversion.

    Note As an indicator of health, always monitor for changesin weight and body condition. Provide adequate amounts offood to maintain body condition, preventing excessive thinnessor obesity.

    Always provide clean, fresh water.
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