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ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food for Small Birds (Parakeet) - 2.25 lbs.
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ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food for Small Birds (Parakeet) - 2.25 lbs.

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Item #: ND91200

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Quick Overview

Give your parakeet a diet that is complete in nutritional value by feeding it with the new Zupreem Parakeet Maintenance from Pet Store , which is now available in a 2.25-pound pack. This is ideal for any type of birds, whether ho...

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Product Description

ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food for Small Birds (Parakeet) - 2.25 lbs. Information

Part #: 91200

Give your parakeet a diet that is complete in nutritional value by feeding it with the new Zupreem Parakeet Maintenance from Pet Store, which is now available in a 2.25-pound pack. This is ideal for any type of birds, whether hookbills or softbills. It is also especially designed to be eaten by the parakeet, which requires a high amount of nutrients, but needs a low level of iron. This diet comes in the form of small nuggets, which are tan in color.

The Zupreem Parakeet Maintenance is especially formulated to provide your pets with the level of nutrients that they need to survive. The ingredients that are used in this mix include vitamins, minerals, and protein, which are essential to sustain your bird's health and energy daily. It is important to note that this treat is made from all-natural ingredients, and no preservatives or additives are added to it.

The Zupreem Prakeet Maintenance is also flavored with your bird's favorite food like certain fruits. This makes the product more appealing to your parakeet. It is also good for the bird's digestion, as it is rich in fiber. This diet keeps the health and the nutrition of your pet its first priority. Your parakeets will definitely enjoy eating the Zupreem Parakeet Maintenance.

Natural Premium Daily Bird Food

Product Description
ZuPreem® Natural Premium Bird Food is formulated to provide balanced nutrition for various species of adult psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills).
  • Multigrain formula includes ground millet, oat groats, wheat and barley
  • Vegetables and fruit increase palatability
  • Consistent, balanced nutrition in every pellet
  • Formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of pet birds
  • No colors and uniform in shape
  • Fortified with proper levels of important vitamins and minerals
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by more than 40 years of developing premium dietsfor exotic animals
Product Characteristics
ZuPreem® Natural Premium Daily Bird Food is natural in color with no added aromas.This is an easy diet for birds to convert to from seeds. Natural is available for Small,Medium, Medium/Large and Large birds. Balanced daily diet made in the USA.

NaturalGround corn, Soybean meal, Ground millet, Ground oat groats,Ground barley, Ground wheat, Wheat germ meal, Sugar, Vegetableoil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Ground flaxseed,Calcium carbonate, Dicalcium phosphate, Dried carrots, Driedcelery, Dried beets, Dried parsley, Dried lettuce, Driedwatercress, Dried spinach, Dried cranberries, Dried blueberries,Iodized salt, DL-Methionine, Choline chloride, L-Lysine, Vitamins(Vitamin E supplement, Niacin, Calcium pantothenate, Pyridoxinehydrochloride , Vitamin A supplement, Biotin , Riboflavin, Thiaminemononitrate, Menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source ofVitamin K activity), Vitamin B12 supplement, Folic acid, Vitamin D3supplement), preserved with Mixed tocopherols and Citric acid,Hydrolyzed yeast, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (a source ofvitamin C), Minerals (Manganous oxide, Zinc oxide, Coppersulfate, Sodium selenite, Calcium iodate), Rosemary extract

Guaranteed Analysis Natural
Crude Protein Not less than 14.0%
Crude Fat Not less than 4.0%
Crude Fiber Not greater than 5.0%
Moisture Not greater than 10.0%

As an indicator of health, always monitor for changes inweight and body condition. Provide adequate amounts of foodto maintain good body condition, preventing excessive thinnessor obesity.Always provide clean, fresh water.

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool dry place, free of pests and insects. Gentlypush air from bag and reseal immediately after use.

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ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Bird Food for Small Birds (Parakeet) - 2.25 lbs. Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Surprised! Product Review by NATHAN HILL (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I have eight budgies and a cockatiel, and I'd always fed them Zupreem Fruit Blend pellets (the only thing I could get them to eat apart from seed). My usual carrier stopped carrying the 20lb bags, so I found this place and ordered. I actually got the "natural" instead of the "fruit blend" and flipped because I'd ordered the wrong thing, but they eat these just the same now, after brief skepticisim. I'm glad I got them off of dye and onto better food by accident! I definitely recommend this to anyone :)

My Tiels love this Product Review by PAULA PUFFER (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: When I purchased my cockatiels they were on a seed diet so I switched them to the powdered left-overs from my Grey. They ate it with vigor so I was able to switch the seed to the pellets easily. I tried the pellets for cockatiels but the cockies were spoiled by smaller bites so I switched to the parakeet size and they eat like little piggies. Pellet diets are so much better for cagebirds and I am pleased with ZuPreem. The package arrived quickly and the shipping cost was very good. All in all, I am quite pleased with my transaction.

ZuPreem Natural Premium Daily Product Review by STEVENSON MERSAI (Posted on 4/30/12)

Comments: This is one of very few bird feed that is also good for the health of your Parakeets. We mix this with Egg-Cite! So they can have the best of both worlds (Seed varieties and pellets). The young ones, born in the house, were fed this from the beginning and are not picky. The ones bought at the store are picky so it took a while to acclimate them to this feed. We keep their cages and feed containers clean, once a day routine. They are very healthy. Good stuff.

My Tiel LOVES this! Product Review by VICTORIA NGUYEN (Posted on 8/4/11)

Comments: Though this review is for Zupreem's parakeet diet. I have been feeding my 8 year old cockatiel this pelleted diet for four years now. The parakeet's pellet diet is much smaller it pellet size than the cockatiel diet available, which helps prevent the mess that my tiel makes when he is chomping down on those crunchy pellets. I supplement this diet with some fresh veggies and fruits along with the occasional spoon of seed and millet.
When I first purchased the item I was hesitant because he had been eating Roudybush, but that got to be too expensive so I had to switch. He took to the food immediately and has never had any health issues. I believe diet is one of the most important ways to keeping one's pet healthy so I had done plenty of research before picking this out. This one is definitely a keeper! Btw, I wouldn't recommend the colorful pelleted diet provided by zupreem since it caused my bird's stool to turn all sorts of colors that easily stained my carpet.

they like it Product Review by G. R. (Posted on 12/1/09)

Comments: I have 6 birds. Two are parrotlets, two are parakeets, one lovebird, and one cockatiel. The parrotlets and one parakeet love this food, but they are babies and I gave them this food when they came home with me. It took a few days to convert them to it. They seem to prefer it over soft foods, birdie muffins, or even seeds. My other birds are older so they're not used to pellets. The cockatiel and the lovebird eat a little bit of this pellet, but I don't think my other parakeet(budgie) has really eaten any. I have crushed the pellets really fine in a blender and I mix the powder with their soft foods. I know they're eating the pellets this way because they're bowl is empty.