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Zupreem Timothy Hay 14oz
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Zupreem Timothy Hay 14oz

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If you want to make your pet rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and prairie dogs healthy everyday, then give them a well-balanced diet like the Zupreem Timothy Hay from Pet Store . This is a highly nutritious food ideally made to...

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Product Description

Zupreem Timothy Hay 14oz Information

Part #: 99040

If you want to make your pet rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and prairie dogs healthy everyday, then give them a well-balanced diet like the Zupreem Timothy Hay from Pet Store. This is a highly nutritious food ideally made to give your small pets the proper daily nutrition they need. Feeding this will help them grow well and develop better. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals to help boost your pet"s immunity against diseases and infections. It is very easy to digest because it is rich in fiber.

This is great for your pet"s small digestive system. It is made of fresh and all natural ingredients. It is guaranteed safe for your small animals because it contains no pesticides and food colorants. You are sure of feeding your pets with pure, nutritious hay because it is weed-free. Every pack of the Zupreem Timothy Hay is hand-picked before packing to remove hays with poor quality. This complete food has a pleasing aroma and a delectable taste that small animals truly love. You can keep this dry hay in covered canisters. It is a convenient choice to buy because it has a long shelf life of up to 18 months. Grab this complete, healthy diet at a very affordable price.

ZuPreem® Natures Promise™ Premium Western Timothy HayZuPreem® Natures Promise™ Premium Hays are essential in the daily diets of growing and adult rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other small animals. The different types of hays provide different aromas, tastes and textures to add variety and enjoyment to these pets diets. When fed with Natures Promise™ Premium Pellets, these hays provide complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Hays stimulate normal gastrointestinal motility
  • Grown in fertile Idaho soil which contains high levels of nutrients
  • Warm days and cool nights, and pivot irrigation make an optimum hay growing environment
  • Idaho certified weed-free, NO PESTICIDES and no color enhancers
  • Hand selected and quality inspected before and during packing
  • Also use as foraging and bedding material
Low-protein, long-strand fiber for good digestive health
Most recommended hay for everyday feeding

Most premium Timothy Hay grown in the United States
Highest quality Timothy Hay available Top 5%

Sun cured for a natural, fresh aroma
Small pets love the fresh aroma and taste that encourages eating

Shelf-life: 18 months
Feeding InstructionsFeed free choice and make sure the pet has ample amounts every day. The amount offered will vary depending on the size of the pet. Place in a feed hopper or bin, or feed loose on the bottom of the cage. Increase the pets hay consumption by finding new and creative ways to offer the hay, such as hiding in animal-safe toys or cardboard tubes to encourage foraging. If hay becomes wet, remove and replace it. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water.
IngredientsSun-cured, western timothy grass hay
Guaranteed Analysis %
Crude Protein (Minimum) 9
Crude Fat (Minimum) 1.8
Crude Fiber (Maximum) 35
Moisture (Maximum) 12
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Zupreem Timothy Hay 14oz Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Great Product Product Review by Yoursh (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This is a great product to give your your rabbits. This company does not grow their hay with pesticides, which is much better for your rabbit. The price here is fabulous and this size will last quite a while.

AWESOME Product Review by CHRISTINE (Posted on 5/8/12)

Comments: Fresh smelling green hay for such a good price. Not prickly at all. Will continue to purchase!

No pesticides hay Product Review by TERRI SAUMELL (Posted on 11/10/11)

Comments: Zupreem is fabulous. My buns love the fresh smell. Getting it from PetStore.com delivers it to my door and at half the price of local pet stores...

A product you don't have to think about for you small animals

Sweet Hay many dollars Product Review by Kathryn Rodebaugh (Posted on 11/10/11)

Comments: My piggies love this hay! It does get to be expensive because I have 3 guineas that eat lots. Zupreem hay is very freash compared to what is in the stores, it also smells sweet. I assure you that your guinea pigs will WHEEK for Zupreem Timothy hay!!!
the 3 little piggies mom

Timothy hay Product Review by DONNA HERMANN (Posted on 9/30/11)

Comments: Can't say enough good things about our experience with your hay and guinea pig food. I was wasting an awful lot of the other brand my piggy was using. He absolutely loves this food and hay, and will stop whatever he is doing when I open the bag just because it smells like its still in the field. Promptly goes to his manger and eats. Other hay we've used is much to dry and stalky and ended up pulled and dropped. Keep up the great products.