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Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor

Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor

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Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor Information

Get the Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor from Pet Store to ensure your aquatic pets a cleaner and chemical-free aquarium to live in! This state-of-the-art product uses the latest and most advanced water filtration technologies, providing you with a utility that is effective, reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. With this product, you will have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that your pets are safe and happy.

The device can contain any types of water media that can neutralize the properties of any chemical presence in your aquarium, including PhosLock, NitrateLock, PURA Carbon, PURA Complete, and many more. It can accommodate am much as 900 gallons of water at a time, with a maximum flow rate of 500 gph. It also has polyester screens that can filter out approximately 300 microns, and these can be easily removed and replaced. And the entire utility has a self-cleaning mechanism that maintains itself, while ridding your aquariums of chemical filth and debris without any bags or container.

With such a very reliable water filter unit, you will never be lacking. This product is good for both seawater and freshwater applications. For perfect results, use a maximum of 16 oz of cleaning resins at a flow rate that ranges from 100 to 500 gph. The Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor is the best product you can buy if you're looking for a chemical filter for your aquatic pets, and it is certainly recommended by marine experts and hobbyists.

Simplicity Chemical Reactor is a free-standing fluidized bed chemical filtration reactor for use in any type sumps to incorporate chemical filtration. Fluidization of chemical media and 100% bypass-free operation ensures ultra-efficient chemical filtration.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reactor accepts up to 16 oz of any loose media: PhosLock, PURA Complete, NitrateLock, PURA Carbon and all others!
  • 50 - 500 GPH flow rate.
  • Bagless operation. No bags, no mess!
  • 300-micron replaceable screens.
  • Self-cleaning feature.
Techincal Specifications:
  • Operational mode 1: fluidizes up to 16 oz (454 g) of media at flow rates up to 100 GPH
  • Operational mode 2: up-flows up to 16 oz (454 g) of media at flow rates up to 500 GPH
  • Media type: carbon, resins, phosphate & nitrate removers, & other medias
  • System type: fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • System volume: 50 to 900 Gal (189 to 3407 L)
  • Flow rate: 50 to 500 GPH (189 to 1893 LPH)*
  • Fitting: 0.5 in (12.7 mm) barbed
  • Screen: replaceable 300-micron polyester
* requires small pump or powerhead for operation

Manufacturer Info

Magnavore Company
Magnavore Company started manufacturing magnetic algae cleaners in 1998. They quickly developed a reputation for a high quality effective product. Today they manufacture the third generation of premium Magnavore magnets with innovations like Extended Reach, Glasscare and Acrylicare Brushes, Tune-Up and Acrylicare kits. In 2004, they began manufacturing new filtration products that are a cut above the rest! Each product made is the best in it`s category. That Magnavore`s our focus and promise.

Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor Reviews

Average Rating
(11 reviews)
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Great Value

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 3/26/2010 from Morehead City, NC UNITED STATE
5.0 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: Bought this for my refugium and connected it to a tam rio 600 that I have already connected to my overflow for suction that is located in my refugium as well. Up until now, the main outlet for water on the rio has just been blowing water freely so I figured I would give this device a shot and see how it worked with the rio. I filled the chamber up with some media, placed in refugium, hooked it up to the rio and it is doing a great job as an additional media filtration source. Have not experienced any of the problems that some others have reported below. Now my rio works double duty which I like :). Good product.

3 of 3 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Perfect solution

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 1/28/2010 from SAN CARLOS, CA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: Plus's: **Compact design doesn't get knocked around when you're fiddling in the sump. **Large cross section of exposure to the media, well beyond most reactor designs. **Very easy removal of media container for easy servicing and media change out **Almost no migration of GFO media such at higher flow rates **IMO every sump should have one of these and run Granular Ferric Oxide to remove phosphates and keep their tank very happy even with medium/heavy feeding schedule.

0 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Very Nice~

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 10/22/2009 from GAITHERSBURG, MD UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: This is a nice, compact unit that loads easily and takes up little space in the sump. I saw some of the other reviews about blow-through, but I'm not sure why they say that. I believe Magnavore's website does note that the 300 micron screens will eventually wear out under regular, aggressive use with the filter media unconstrained inside the chamber, but hey! there are many costs in this hobby. Replacement screens are available. I run mine with a MiniJet 606 and am pleased with the performance. (By the way, I spoke with someone at Magnavore directly about media use, and he opened my eyes to a much more appropriate way to use their Pura NitrateLock (in terms of duration/frequency and regeneration of the media. Check out their website for far better information than is provided on the cannister label.)

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


Reviewers Rating Unsatisfactory

Posted: 7/31/2009 from SPRING, TX UNITED STATES
1.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: Says up to 500 gph. Just shot out the sides with that flow. So reduced to 250gph pump. Still shoots out sides. Some is going through top like supposed to but more than half just bypasses the media. Also, same problem as one of the other posts on here, the clips break easily after a while so be careful. Switched to a PM reaction chamber that works flawlessly (at 500gph).

0 of 2 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Simplicity Chemical Reactor

Reviewers Rating Great

Posted: 6/5/2009 from Los Angeles, CA
4.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I made the mistake of buying three $30-$40 media reactors for my setup, and none of them are perfect. This is the one I continued to use because it involved the least amount of tubing/fittings and the whole thing is submerged so you worry less about leaky connections. The one problem I have with this reactor is there is no way to know for sure that your media is fluidized/tumbling correctly since you cannot see it, but I assume that a MJ 400 is sufficient. Well built, but not the easiest to lock/unlock the reactor unless you have a firm grip on the base. Each side of the screens can be easily scrubbed clean with a stiff OXO brush, and the whole thing rinses easily. The size of the unit 5-6" diameter plus the pump hanging off is not the most compact, but I've managed to make it fit in my very small sump. Magnivore should provide a quick-connect fitting for attaching a MJ pump, or at least a small length of silicone/vinyl tubing.

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Great Idea, Marginal Product

Reviewers Rating Unsatisfactory

Posted: 1/17/2009 from Illinois, USA
1.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I originally had high expectations and thought this product was going to be perfect. Over time, it became more difficult to open the unit to change the media. I attribute this to the slight warping or expansion of the reactor body from sitting in 82 degree salt water for a month. Eventually, the weak pins that hold the unit closed broke off making this worthless.

2 of 2 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Great Company

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 11/13/2008 from GAHANNA, OH UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I really like the simplicity of the design and the ease at which you can turn the media by simply rotating the capsule. The one problem I had was the tab on the base unit broke (which locks the capsule to the base) after only 2 months. I contacted the manufacturer and they stood behind the unit and sent a replacement, along with media, for free! I can’t ask more than that from a company.

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 6/4/2008 from NEW YORK, NY UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: This little guy is awesome. It takes up no room, has multiple compartments for different media mixes. 1/2" tubing connects to the reactor but the little pump you will purchase to power the reactor does not take 1/2", nor does it come with fittings for a secure seal. Tired of my non-glue nmake-shift solutions, I went to Home Depot and purchased the next larger size hose. It fit snugly.

1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 4/21/2008 from BELLEVUE, WA UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Beginner

Comments: I have been trying to rid my 240 gallon reef tank of green algae and cyanobacter for more than a year. I have replaced my reverse osmosis unit with a RO/deionizer unit, made frequent water changes, and still have not seen any improvement. I read that phosphate can leach out of reef rocks. After reading articles at and other websites, I decided to buy the Magnavore Simplicity Chemical Reactor. I liked its' ability to use various filtration media and ease of use. Simplicity truly is its' middle name. I unpacked it, placed one screen at the bottom of the canister, filled it with ROWAphos absorbing media, placed the upper screen, screwed on the top and placed it into my sump. I connected it to an Eheim compact 600 powerhead with 1/2" vinyl tubing and was filtering water within 5 minutes of opening the box. It has been almost two weeks in use now and I am starting to see improvement in the algae growth. I have been extremely pleased with this purchase, as I have been with everything else that I bought at

12 of 27 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

Magnavore Chemical Reactor

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 12/27/2007 from PORTLAND, OR UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Expert

Comments: This fabulous device allows you to easily and without taking up much real estate have active filtration of media in your sump. In my case I filled my canister with Chemi-Pure Elite and attached a little Maxi-Jet 600 pump. I was having problems with brown diatoms in my reef and they disappeared in 2 days after adding the Magnavore. It takes a minute to set up -- I highly recommend this product.

2 of 4 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

of 2
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