Coastal Pet Power Walker Retractable Dog Leashes

"Spending more time with your canine outside your home by walking it around the neighborhood is easy when you have the Coastal Pet Power Walker Retractable Dog Leash for Dogs Pet Store. This is quite the versatile tool, which you can use to control several pet equipment, such as the muzzle and the collar. You will be pleased to learn upon closer inspection that this is not just your ordinary training item. In fact, its construction has been tweaked to provide you with the comfort and convenience you deserve when utilizing this product. It is available in a cool, black color, which gives it a classical appearance, as well as a stylish appeal.

As its name says, this accessory is specifically created for the enjoyment of canines that weigh less than thirty-two pounds. With its length of sixteen feet, you are already given the idea that this is a piece, which can be attached to the collars and harnesses of petite dogs without any hassle. Unlike other brands, this comes complete with a protective shell, which allows you to store the tool automatically with just the touch of a button. It is quite durable and easy to clean, as well.

Doing outdoor activities with your canine by your side is a breeze when you are equipped with the Coastal Pet Power Walker Retractable Dog Leash for Dogs.

Coastal Pet Power Walker Retractable Dog Leash for Dogs Up To 32 lbs. (Black, Small, 16 ft.) This easy-to-operate retractable all web lead features durable, high quality construction, sleek styling and comfort grip handle with one button stop and release action. Allows pet to explore areas between 2' and 16' from the owner without the lead tangling or becoming slack.

Please note: Image depicted is a stock photo. All Coastal leads/leashes come with bolt snap clasps as opposed to "claw" style clasps."