Coastal Pet Li`l Pals Comfort Wrap Adjustable Nylon Dog / Puppy Harnesses

"Do you often bring your puppy or small dog with you when you go out shopping or just strolling in the park? These can be a good learning experience for your pets and can give them the variety they need in what they see every day. However, your pet's reactions to new things may be potentially harmful to them and embarrassing for you. Do you have trouble restraining your pet when it barks, growls or threatens to bite at strangers? This can be a lawsuit waiting to happen and even a notice to have the animal put down. Owners often use leashes to stop their pets in their negative reactions to new sights, but you should look for a better way to try to control your pet's urges.

Think of using the Coastal Pet Li'l Pals Comfort Wrap Adjustable Nylon Dog / Puppy Harness Pet Store. It has several straps that you can use to cover more area of your pet's torso than the conventional leash. There are three points in the straps where they can be adjusted to fit the dog. The straps are made from processed nylon that prevents it from fraying and breaking even when your dog making its best effort to struggle. If you are in the habit of taking your pet out but have trouble in restraining it when it sees something new, look for Coastal Pet Li'l Pals Comfort Wrap Adjustable Nylon Dog / Puppy Harness.

This Adjustable Harness is perfect for Puppies or Toy Breeds. This is a 14 " girth"